Kelvin Clemmons

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I’ve noticed that most, maybe even all of our players who enter the portal end up moving down to a lesser team if they land anywhere at all. Kopp may be the exception. We’re better than Colorado but the PAC has better competition, but not by much.

Kopp perhaps using the O’Korn method.

Stellar senior year at Mich

84-157 53.5% 973 yds 2 TD 6 INT

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I hate to be disrespectful but who is Kelvin Clemmons?

He used to play cornerback for UH the last few years.

This is old news is it not?

Anyway, just another player not able to crack our rotation who will be transferring out for more PT.

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Clemons into portal on 12/17/21
No idea why he posted above on June 5th.
Possible he decided to stay and changed his mind?

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Or maybe he tried to un-transfer without success.

That Harbaugh didnt get fired during those years is amazing.

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Makes sense. Only got into 2 games at UH.
(vs USF in 20/vs Grambling in 21)

He hit the portal as soon as the season was over and was not on the roster this spring. Is he just reposting or hoping for a return after no interest. I believe he originally de committed from Minnesota before coming here and was injured his first season.

Easy reason - they weren’t AAC level players on a full time basis and probably better FCS or Sun Belt talent to begin with as some were recruited on potential only

unfortunately some stuck around too long with no stats and end up having only 1 year left and with the way rules are now teams aren’t loading up on 1 year unproven transfers