Kelvin Sampson on 2022-23 nonconference schedule, offseason workouts and donation for Guy V. Lewis

Kelvin Sampson spoke to reporters today for over 30 minutes on various topics. Check out what he had to say.


So either Kelvin reads CoogFans or he reads his Twitter comments.

Lol. Or maybe some alumni bump into him and ask these questions to him

“Well people say, you should play Michigan, North Carolina, Duke or the Celtics”

Who, whos saying that Kelvin? CoogFans? Twitter

Theres no major sports personality bashing the schedule

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I’m sure is his son Kellen Sampson that does and he talks about it with his dad.

Thats very possible or one of the other individuals on staff.

lol likely donors in person… calipari was just talking about this last week, how whenever peoople run into him they always ask about the schedule and who is being added (wanting the hardest possible)… im sure sampson gets the same

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Kellen follows lots of UH fans on Twitter so im sure he reads some of the dumb stuff sometimes we comment since it hits his timeline lol.

I wondered why he waited so long to add a big with that last ship if we’re thin up front :thinking:

I cannot confirm nor deny staff having said they read fan forums.


they 100% have read this forum at some point, this is the largest collection of houston fans on 1 site as the heads of the program, even googling certain UH things this site will come up… i just doubt that they read it regularly…

Man, I hope they don’t read it regularly, for the sake of their sanity. :laughing:

Kellen is probably trolling people in the Satellite. :rofl:


It’s just 1 more yr so next yr, we have a great tough schedule so don’t worry about this yrs schedule. We will go dancing.

Possibly saw through workouts they needed another big for specific matchups

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The only thing I am even remotely disappointed in is our home non conference schedule, but I remain very excited about this coming year.
At this point I agree with another poster that it doesn’t matter to me if we are a 1 seed or a fourth seed, this is going to be a really good team by the end of the year.
I wouldn’t mind finishing up our home schedule right here in Houston as host to the final four…

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I do not think he reads coogfans because he would be hysterically laughing so much he couldn’t hold a press conference.


The formula seems to be 1 Q1 type team at home and then most other Q1 type games at neutral site or on the road. I looked at KU and Duke and it is very similar. At least the Conference schedule will be fun starting next season. You might be able to get $12 tickets to see UH vs KU in football but I don’t foresee that being the case come hoops season.

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If you listened to Sampson you would know the schedule this season has nothing to do with any formula


I tell you what I like about CKS he is genuine! Lots of times people say “coach speak” this or “coach speak” that. I don’t see that with him. If there is something he doesn’t want to say, he says he doesn’t want to say it. I was a full-time athletic trainer and around coaches that had to make decisions just like this. This is there lively hood and they have a lot going on. I like Coogfans forum, but sometimes we need to understand that we don’t understand all that goes on.


When he said I don’t want to mention names of who dominated practice the last couple days
I was thinking, But we the fans do!:joy:


I listened to him

Very interesting that some tougher teams declined to play us, particularly teams with first-year Head Coaches.

It also didn’t help that we couldn’t schedule any Big 12 teams this season since we’ll be joining next year, so that narrows down the available teams even more.

Happy to be playing Bama @ Fertitta tho…we have some unfinished business.

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