Kelvin Sampson on 2022-23 nonconference schedule, offseason workouts and donation for Guy V. Lewis

Imagine if we did schedule Duke or Kentucky in our non conference. And we played really well against them or even beat them.

The team would be confident. But maybe too confident. Maybe Jarace phone will be blowing up. Those big time games come with media distractions

So i can see why Kelvin has a pretty balanced non conf. Thats how hes been since he got here. He’s not going Memphis, Alabama or Gonzaga like

Pick up some good wins non conf, but be rested and hungry for conference play

Houston adds Darius Bowser, a 6-9 center, to the 2022-23 roster. He is going to be immediately eligible to play. Interesting to note.

In the release, UH says he is one of four new comers to the team (Jarace walker, Terrance Arceneaux and Emanuel Sharp. The would lean towards Mylik Wilson not being eligible. School source said he needed a waiver. Unsure if that decision has been made.


They get their scouting reports from you don’t they pesik?

I don’t think Mylik has heard back about his waiver.


Ed Cooley, Mark Adams too low.

Calipari too high.

Tommy Lloyd should be higher.

A solid list though. Alot of good coaches not included

Mark Adams was always a Coach at the D2 or D3 level n then went to Tech as asst Coach in 2016 or 17 I believe. So for only 2 yrs as main man at Tech not too bad ranking for him imo.

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Anyone else feel like Chris Beard is too high?

Also…call me a homer, but Sampson is #1.

Sharp was with the team last season so maybe he’s not considered a newcomer?

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True. He’s the best on identifying talent. I wouldn’t have a problem taking Calipari off from #3 and putting Few in there, too!

Tom Izzo is not Top 10? Eight Final Fours including a title.


Caliparis last Final Four was 2015.

I wouldn’t have Pitino top 10 either.

Izzo much too low and Cal much too high. Id probably include Cronin over Hamilton and Cooley too

Assuming this is more of a power rankings than a ranking coaching resumes list, I think there’s a feeling that Izzo has kind of dipped a bit and is on his way out. That said MSU did make a F4 in 2018-19 but 5 1st weekend exits in their last 6 tourney appearances isn’t great.

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Agreed. Total resume, probably Izzo…if its Power Rankings then its CKS and I don’t think its even close. Maybe Few? CKS has done more with less and injuries than Few or Drew.

Izzo is banking with a new contract for $31.4 mil., that’s over $6mil/yr

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