Kelvin Sampson rebuilding UH basketball and his reputation

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During the interview process, former UH athletic director Mack Rhoades was “brutally honest” with Sampson. Fan support was lagging. Facilities were in desperate need of upgrades.

“When you’ve won before, it means you can win again,” Sampson says. "I challenged our administration. They fired coaches every four years around here and didn’t do a whole lot to help them. I asked them why not?

“Our university was way behind everybody in this league. Until they stepped up and said this is important, I wasn’t going to come here. They made a commitment. Then it made it easy.”


I am very happy to see this. We may not have a final four team this year (although I wouldn’t want to play UH), the program is at a level that is something to be proud of. Well done coach.