Kelvin Sampson statement on recruiting applies to BB and FB

Kelvin Sampson said something about recruiting that I think is applicable to both basketball and football. He was talking about the transfer portal as being like a Wal-Mart supercenter. He was quoted in the Chronicle as saying, "That’s why people get their recruiting rankings all twisted and start going back and forth on where we rank. That’s got nothing to do with winning in college, it’s more important to don’t get caught young."

When Dana got here our football team was caught young and he has spent two years correcting that problem with use of the transfer portal.


Never thought of that angle.

Dana made a point of how young we were when he got here and how unbalanced our classes were. Nobody wanted to listen. I always looked at the winning teams and how experienced their OL’s were. You never see the conference contenders with a bunch of freshmen and sophs on the OL and no depth behind them.


I watched Sampson’s 35 minute interview. Very interesting!

And it certainly applies to Football recruiting.

Dana can make a Great Leap Forward by not only winning lots of games but by following up with great recruiting of transfers and high school players, with almost all high schoolers being redshirted.

Dana definitely does not have a young team and his third year

I agree. Young no more.

If Dana bombs this season then he may be bombed himself.

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Are you guys just hoping he bombs so you can gloat? Man, what “fan” support we have.


Without the portal this years hoops would have been very young and inexperienced

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Young isn’t an excuse. The guy has everything going for him other coaches didn’t have. He’s doing less with more. Not even comparable. Mediocrity isn’t of UH and calling him out doesn’t make us any less of fans. There’s just genuine concern for the programs current state.


One thing CDH commented on his first year here was we had 3 starters on the oline that didn’t redshirt. He said he had never seen that in all his years in college football.


Mike - these “negative nannie” kind of folks aren’t really fans, they’re just insecure critics. The kind of folks that simply like to vent and blame others for their own shortcomings.


LMAO. Okayyyyyyyy

Some of these guys are extreme. But this is what you come up with?

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I also think a lot of it stems from the the fact than some posters just don’t like CDH regardless of what kind of program he puts together. They want instant gratification. Some posters admitted they couldn’t stand him from the first loss against OU. How can you gauge a coach or his program from one game? Others say we shouldn’t defend him or that the Covid excuse is no excuse at all. I want to see this program succeed more than anyone on here. I also know reasons why some things lately have been done. His roommates are both offensive players. One is the QB, the other is about to transfer out. They talk, and I ask. I’m curious just like everyone else on here. It’s not a “dumpster fire” like so many claim. There is a plan. If I’m wrong at the end of the season, I will gladly eat crow and apologize to the entire forum. Just let it play out.


Everything you said is 1000% fair. And for the record, I hope you’re not coming back eating any crow this year. I want you to call me out once we win 10 games this season.


You got it :wink:


Same. I was pumped when we hired Dana. I had wanted him as HC since he left here as OC.

I really want him to do well. I know some thing everyone has been hating on Dana forever but I don’t fit in that bucket at all. That said, my optimism tank was nearly depleted coming into the current season. This thing has taken me to zero.

I’d love for him to set the world on fire this fall though. He can win me back.

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Fair enough theory on a needed rebuild. That is in the past though and is a somewhat reasonable justification for past failures. This is year three with many redishirts and transfers since then. Easiest schedule in forever. Time to win. No more excuses.


Don’t mind me but I’ll be here for the crow eating.