Kelvin Sampson: "The thing that helps me, more than anything else, is the returning players."

Fabian White Jr: “The past veterans kind of helped us acclimate to the culture; and, once we did that, we kind of took off from there.”

Nate Hinton added, “For this program, Coach keeps reminding us that the culture has to be established. Year after year you have to recruit guys that uphold the culture. Learning from the other guys, the veterans that have come back it’s our job to teach the new guys how to maintain the culture and keep pushing because the culture is over everything. People come and go.”

“The culture of the program works,” Hinton summarized.


Even though we’ll probably be missing some players on Saturday, I’m excited to see Nate Hinton play. We didn’t get to see him at the scrimmage and he didn’t play in Italy, so we haven’t gotten to see any of the stuff he worked on in the offseason.


Appreciate all of the coverage since the local media is more focused on the pro teams. Great article once again.


I travel sopmewhere in the US every week. It is amazing to see:

  1. Local papers covering local teams (Memphis, Philly, Tulsa, etc), and,
  2. Finding really good UH coverage in other papers, outlets, etc.

I almost feel like we should start a program of sending the Chronicle UH articles from other papers.


Houston may have the worst local sports coverage, pro and college of any major city in the country. The high school coverage is a joke.


MAN!! That article is inspiring! Those kids are ready to work and it is going to show. Watching them will be so much. It reminds me of the Cincinnati teams of the early oughts. Those dudes loved doing the dirty work. Kenyon Martin was terrifying in college!

Awesome article. I’m so excited to see what the team does this year. What I love about following a Sampson coached team is that you see them get better week by week.


I loved what Hinton said here:
"The leaders that have been here last year; so, a tough practice is about being tough. Coach Sampson, he preaches it every single day. You’re either tough or you’re not; and, playing in this program you have to be tough."

I expect us to be very good this year, and I am really excited about this season. But the thing is, I know we will be as good as we can be. And you can’t ask any more than that from any team, regardless of record. I am so confident that our team is in good hands with CKS that, win or lose, we will play as hard as we can.