Kendal update

Tennessee thinks that Kendal is a done deal to Florida State, pending administration approval.

Any guess about how much he’d make at FSU and how much his new deal was at UH? Didn’t he make in the $400s this year?

BTW, good thing we’ll get a lot of fans back now that he’s going to FSU. :slight_smile:

Wow, didn’t know that UH-ex Tyson Helton was UT’s OC.

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I knew he was going to eventually leave but damn i didnt expect him to leave this quickly

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He leaves about as quick as we run plays.


We gotta stop blaming him for our lack of support as a whole. lol Who will we get back? The 10 season ticket holders that bolted early but still watched the games on tv?


It’s weird to me that I haven’t seen anything on Briles going to either Tennessee or Florida State on Football Scoop, which is usually pretty reliable about this stuff.

Football scoop posted the stuff Duarte reported. That’s it.

or who bought season tickets and watched the games on television. :slight_smile:

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Well, I stayed home for TSU because I thought it was going to rain and my back seized up that morning. I couldn’t make the Temple game but gave my tickets to a friend.

Does someone have one of those devices where you can ask Siri(?) and be done with it!

I will ask again. Did he sign the extension?

It was signed before going to the BoR for approval.

So is he or FSU liable for it?

Forget Siri! Where is CoogBoog’s psychic???

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Ultimately, Kendal is, but most hiring schools agree to pay the buyout.

In the trunk last I heard. Something about the car flooding in Harvey.

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Agree, IMO parties/agents are “dealing” & it includes Chris. This is the reason we have not heard anything. This should be finalized with a nice check y tomorrow afternoon. Too bad we can’t go to Costco & find an OC. It seems P5’s Teams consider G5 Coaches like the Costco seafood roadshow. By the way this is some good eating.

When the back goes you go. Can’t do a damn thing when it’s bad. Good Luck!

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Does anyone know of any quality free agent OCs or do we flip the buyout money to buy out an existing OC?

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