Kendric Davis - Memphis

Kendric Davis for Memphis scored 31-points and had 6 rebounds and 7 assist last night against Tulane.

I didn’t realize Kendric Davis played for TCU his freshman year before transferring to SMU.

I wish we could ask Sampson himself if we ever truly had a chance signing this guy out of the transfer portal.

I couldn’t help but wonder what our team would look like right now had we signed him?

With that being said, I still like our Houston Cougars team as it is now, but for selfish reasons I really wanted us to sign Kendric Davis.

Go Coogs!

I honestly don’t know if KD is capable or even willing to play the kind of defense Sampson demands. His scoring would be nice, but I’m very happy with Shead as our floor general.


We don’t need him… we are a better team without him. The only thing we may be lacking a bit is size up front. Davis is a volume shooter on a team with limited options… we have plenty of options.


A sub-6’ guy that doesn’t play defense? No thank you


But his FGM% and 3PM% are terrible… Like Jamal Shead’s… He MUST be having an “underwhelming season” too… :roll_eyes:

But, but we were told he couldn’t start here. I mean he’s only one of the most potent scoring guards on the planet.

Yeah but we already have plenty of potent, bigger and better guards on the team. Who is he going to replace? Shead, Sasser, Mark??? Sharp has more upside as does Arceneaux. And all our guys play defense. He is a nice player but just not a good fit for us.

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Kendric Davis starts for any team he plays on.


Any teams he plays on will not win a natty… gotta play defense to do that… and being sub 6 ft is not a good thing in the tourney.


Lotta gymnastics in that. I understand people are emotional about their attachments to players that chose us. But Kendric would have started here had he been on the team. He’s that damn good. Just because the Mudcats don’t win it all with him doesn’t mean we wouldn’t.

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Did you forget the Sampson love letter he wrote on twitter after he declared for the portal? I doubt Sampson pursued him because we did not need guards; we are loaded there. We probably could of used a bit more size (when Lofton bailed) but did not need any more guards.

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Yea, yea…I know

Alabama played us here. Memphis played Bama there.

Davis had the same number of assists as Mark-Shead-and Sasser combined. And he dropped 30 on them. Having that talent would be a God-send.

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Also his shooting splits are Awful!!! Maybe its the coaching but… :hushed:.

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Do you forget the Sasser eye injury vs Bama? I take Sasser over Davis everytime. Davis puts up big numbers in part due to SMU and Memphis system…our players do not have requirement to do that here.

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Had Sasser told Sampson he was going pro, do you think Davis would have signed with Houston?

A starting lineup with Shead, Sasser and Davis would have been dynamite.

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Davis could be a Sasser replacement. But again, do not forget defense. Mark adds size and has great skill. It would be tricky playing 3 short guards…it would hurt defense and rebounding.

Davis didn’t fit on this team… Shead and Sasser run the show on Cullen…

Honestly, Sasser has been scoring enough because his finishing ability on drives has been GREAT… If his 3 starts falling at a 10% higher clip you will think “Davis who…?”.

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Completely agree… he is a lesser Sasser in my view… shorter, less defense. I would pick Sasser every time. Shead in our PG and Mark is our big guard (small forward). Davis only slot is Sasser’s role (SG) which would only be available if Sasser went to the NBA.

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Good point on Mark and he is starting to play much better.

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Also if you thought the rebounding was down to par with Davis it would be worse along with the defense.

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