Kenny Lofton Jr

He’s playing in the Summer League on ESPN. Looks nice! His defense is nothing special but he can score in different ways.

Speaking on defense it wouldn’t shocked me if our Coogs have the best in the NATION this season coming up.

I think we did last year!

Holmgren vs Kofi right now. So far Kofi’s weight has not helped him. Got blocked and didn’t get back in transition which led to a Holmgren dunk. Now Tacko just came in, this will be interesting.

Edit: Tacko getting torn up by Holmgren’s range and just got blocked.


OKC has a good collection of young talent now. A lot of length.

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Chet is the real deal!!!

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Dude clam down , it’s summer league….lol

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I remember freakin out when i first saw giannis in summer league.

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I have seen guards average 20 in summer leave and not sniff the rotation or make the club.
Maybe he will be really good but no one is game planning for him in the summer.


Really? 15th pick in the draft.

17 points and 5 boards a game in SL…. Then

It took him a few years to get his feet under him…. Averaged like 6 points and 4 boards as a rookie.

Back then nobody aside from a few scouts knew what he MIGHT become….but you “ freaked out”?

What made you so excited?

I saw him play.

Why do we care about this dude. He was never a Coog he never confirmed to wanting to be a Coog.




Man, watching Lofton in the Summer League is making me sad for what could have been. :frowning:

Don’t worried. His defense sux.