Kentucky is young

Only one senior and 4 freshman start!


What’s new they start mostly freshman every year.


Isn’t this the norm at UK? Next year they’ll have new set of one and dones startiñg for them.

We got dis!

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Yes. Which means the may have us in raw talent but we have experience. Let’s see how 5-stars hold up after 30 minutes of coog defense!


2 fr and a So makeup their bench rotation…

They do not get a lot from their bench. They have three guys who do most of their scoring and we can match up with them.

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This is the Calipari way. This is what Penny wants at Memphis.

Of course, they might have to change things as the NBA is planning to get rid of their age restrictions after next season.

JD mentions that PJ Washington is expetected to play. Anyone see other updates?

Not sure why JD put that in the article, here’s the latest:

Today, all eyes will be on PJ Washington, as they have been for the last week or so since the revelation of his foot sprain suffered in the SEC Tournament semifinal game against Tennessee. According to Coach Cal, the cast is supposed to come off today and the status of his injured foot evaluated.

Essentially, it’s likely to be a pain thing. If his foot hurts too much, he won’t be able to play. It’s possible it will be a game-time decision, because that seems to be the nature of this kind of injury.

Woah… I’ve heard they were leaning towards 2022 NBA Draft but keep hearing the Zion with the shoe incident has maybe made Silver push it for 2021.

You’re correct. Missed it by a year.

At this point on… I don’t mind Corey taking more shots now. He’s been hot and he should be rested Friday night. If Armoni shows up, UH will win.


yeah, that is key…SOMEONE besides corey has to have a good game friday…if that don’t happen, friday is likely to be the end of the line…it probably has to be armoni or jarreau or hinton…one of those 3 probably has to have a big night…and I would not be surprised if one of them does have a big night…all 3 are ripe for a big night


Thanks! Not a doctor but sounds kinda crazy if he plays just days after removing a cast. Go Coogs!

Get 12+ from each would be good.
Though if that happened odds are Corey then has a great second half as Kentucky would have to reassess their plan.

The Kentucky way works sometimes, look at Duke this year, but the 4 year method works too, look at Villanova as an example. They won 2 titles with a bunch of non NBA players but they mostly had 4 years of experience when they won. That should be our model as well.


Regardless of how it would affect our game, I am concerned for the kid. You don’t rush foot injuries – they take a long time to heal because of the stress put on every step, much less jumping and cutting on the hardwood. Just ask LJ Rose about that.

With this foot injury, it appears it would be difficult for him to be 100% either way. If it’s not completely healed, no way he plays like he’s played this season, and, if the foot is healed, it would appear susceptible to be re-injured and he couldn’t play 100% in such an intense game. That’ll be a lot of pounding on a recently hurt foot.

The NBA loves prospects with lingering foot issues… or maybe it and he decides to rest it and not risk his draft status.

Personally, I have no doubt that on average Kentucky has a higher level of player ( best that money can buy from AAU pimps).

However, I am not convinced that they have a better TEAM.