Kevin Kolb Article

Insight into Kolb’s struggles the last few years with concussions.

What I don’t understand is how people can complain about the dangers of concussions in football yet totally ignore the same in boxing and cage fighting when the whole point is to knock out the opponent. Why those sports aren’t banned is beyond me. Knock outs are concussions.


For real. MMA is trash, no clue how its so popular.

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Probably the same reason the Romans liked to watch gladiators kill each other.


Boxing and MMA are awesome.


As a guy that has trained fighters and been in smokers (not sanctioned, usually gym events) I have to say mma is much better on the brain than boxing. First the gloves are 4 ounces. Doesn’t sound like it means a lot but those 12-16 oz gloves boxers use club you a lot more. Boxing is an amazing art, but they only punch each other. Mma brings so many talents. To each his own, but I love it, I love doing it and will continue until I can’t. I mainly train on the ground now but every now and then that itch comes and I step in with a youngin.

Mma, depending on the rule set, ends with more chokes or joint manipulations and such than knockouts.


Is it that different that a 11 guys trying to kill the one with the ball? No one is trying to hit soft.

Noone can hit hard now. They’ve pussified the league. It’s a contact sport, a person should know the dangers when they sign up.

I’ll never wish injury on anyone but a person hasto know this right?

Yes it is, you can’t go for the head, which is in a helmet.

Damar Hamlin might disagree.

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I played high school football and I’ve sparred probably over 100 rounds at a boxing gym. I got a concussion in football but never boxing. Helmet on helmet is the problem.

KOs are not automatic concussions. I’ve read that concussions only happen like 10% of the time when people get KO’d in boxing.

Boxing is great. MMA is great. Football is great.

People get hurt sometimes doing things they love to do. It’s just part of life. Injuries happen in all sports, head and otherwise.

I really liked reading this article about Kevin Kolb. It looks like he’s doing really well, and I’m happy about that.

It was also neat to learn that he’s friends with Case Keenum.


Why do you think there are so many punch drunk ex boxers? It wasn’t from drinking spiked punch. Look at what happened to Muhammed Ali. You keep getting hit in the head and you will suffer from it.

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The helmet helps to cause the issues. You know who doesn’t have a bunch of concussions, rugby players. No helmet, no leading with the head.


Same as most things . . . . . $$$$$

The reason there is so much head trauma in football is due to (i) speed, (ii) power and (iii) impact. While boxing has impact, it doesn’t have the combination of power and speed. A 260 pound guy hitting you at full speed head first will do way more damage than quick punches to the head, especially when you consider that in boxing, if a ref notices a fighter has “had enough” will call a match. Football, guys used to fight to stay in the game.

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I don’t know, a knock out is a knock out, whether due to head hitting ground, being hit from a lineman, or being punched in the jaw. A sport where the fighters are constantly being hit in the head damages the brain contained in said head.

BTW, a quick punch to the head by a boxer is not like a couple of kids in the school yard. A knockout punch has the full force of the punchers body down to his feet using the strength of legs and torso.

I understand about boxing; one of my best friends growing up had a dad who was a boxing trainer and promoter. He even had his own gym. He always said that boxing is less dangerous than football (for head injuries) because (i) power (ii) duration and (iii) recovery.

In boxing, you may have one or two fights a year; maybe three to five if you are just starting out. Rest of the time its sparring with different gloves plus the protective head gear.

Because the fights are infrequent, a boxer has more time to recover. One of the things the doctors who have studied CTE have discovered is that the main problem for most football players is the number of times they are hit and the lack of recovery time. IOW, their brains don’t get time to heal from the injury.

If you look at boxers who do seem a bit “loopy”, they tend to be guys who fought way past their prime: Holyfield, Hopkins, and of course, Ali. Larry Holmes too. All of these guys fought into their 40’s. Foreman is an exception that proves the rule. He basically took about 15 years off from fighting, which would be plenty of time to heal any head trauma he may have incurred. Also, Foreman was not a guy who took many hits, the Ali fight being the exception.