Kevin Kolb

Where is Kevin Kolb? He won a championship here and had a good NFL career. Is he active or invited to UH Fb events? Just curious. I was reading the Go Coogs article and they had a section dedicated to that championship year.

He retired from the NFL due to multiple concussions and I believe he still suffers from the effects. Otherwise, he was doing well enough to have played a lot longer. I know he has been to the new TDECU stadium and did a bunch of signing stuff.

Real Estate development


Thought he retired down to Mexico

Have heard he doesn’t like crowds and noise. Also has kind of turned against football. All due to his continuing effects of multiple concussions. Disclaimer: what I’ve “heard” but am not a source. I hope he’s ok and would love it if he could visibly support the coogs. He’s one of the greats.


A friend of mine is good friends with him. He is investing in some real estate development and a few inventions with new patents.

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He comes to campus every blue moon.

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Killing wild boards with pocket knives

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I’ve seen him at a game or 2 since he retired, but I didn’t see him this season.

Here is a great piece by…KEVIN KOLB

I was on the first commercial plane landing in San Jose Del Cabo (Cabo SL airport) The airport (fairly new) the roof was gone. The wind gusts were so strong that it broke the gauge at 125mph.
This is an area that gets hurricane on a regular basis but this one was different. It was so strong that the wind force got through from the beach side to the land side while destroying the everything in between. Think of gutting all hotel rooms. The Hilton, Westin and many others were 100% gutted. This was an unbelievable site. I had clients that were hanging for dear life in their bathroom. The barometric pressure was so strong that windows were imploding inside out. I have a ton of pictures and I can tell you that this was more than likely a CAT 5. Kevin is right. There was almost nothing mentioned in the news. The diesel transformer were there for over a year helping with rebuilding the area.


I sure hope he can really find some serious relief from his symptoms.

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Some time ago, I had heard the “authorities” down on South Padre hassled him while he was out fishing/boating on Laguna Madre. Hope he’s doing well and has fully recovered from his injuries. He gave us great moments in Coog football history.

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