Kevin Sumlin is Houston Gamblers Head Coach

He is a dog…left his wife and kids…when you lay with dogs…you get flees!!!

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So is the USFL league going after athletes right out of high school like the G-League in basketball?

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So how many former Coog coaches have gone to these leagues?


And we know who’s next…

I kinda like this. Its like leasing coaches. We get the winning, low mileage. The next guy gets the beat up clunker.


Well that’s a first! :thinking:

It’s call media rights don’t need butts in the seats if your getting millions. Especially when they create virtual fans sitting in a stadium seat that will be indistinguishable from a flesh and blood sitting there. It all coming one day. Didn’t notice what the NFL did with covid. They experiment with technology…then all you who argue about fan attendance won’t have anything longer to argue about and UH and others Stadium can have a virtual packed sold out stadium of 100k

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USFL 2.0 is just a rebranding of The Spring League, which is a pay-to-play developmental league which played all of its games in one or two central locations. They’re less concerned about butts in seats and more concerned about TV viewership. In fact, you’ll notice that the new USFL doesn’t contain any of the original league’s Mountain or Pacific Time Zone teams (Denver Gold, Oakland Invaders, LA Express, Arizona Wranglers; they even “moved” the Portland Breakers back to New Orleans). This is because this new league is being completely built around a TV schedule.

Apparently, the plan is to begin to move these teams into their home markets in future seasons, if this season is deemed a success from a TV viewership standpoint. But if you want to watch the Gamblers in person in 2022, your only option is to travel to Protective Stadium.


So I guess this league is using football as a TV show. It’s ironic because TV shows also have fans.


Well, I stay out of the attendance talk for the most part .

And you say virtual fans? Are you talking about the card board cutouts or the virtual people that looked like Hollywood Squares during the NBA bubble season? That is not the future.

But I have to disagree with you. Yes I agree that TV money is huge.( the college bowl season proved that point) but, I don’t think the NFL, NBA, MLB, Soccer around the world, etc. will ever give up gate receipts, concessions, etc. it’s not chump change.
Those connections build the part of your fan base that are loyal , good or bad.

When is XFL coming back


I guess Prairie View didn’t work out.

Yeah I thought Sumlin to PVAMU was a done deal but then I saw this a few days ago…

Wonder if USFL was a better gig and Sumlin passed?

USFL is an easier gig with less rules.

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F’ him. I just remember what his kids said about UH after Sumlin left. They were just kids, so they heard it from someone, probably their dad.

Football is just another form of entertainment, battling for the discretionary corporate, middle to upper income consumer dollar. Not the commons man ( steelmill workers etc) dollar (he can’t afford anymore) whom the league built itself on initially, back in the day and he would go to a football game with his buddies to blow off some steam before going back to the montony of his weekly life. Simple as that.

Fox will be using fake crowd noise during MLB and NFL games at empty stadiums this year, and also noted that his employer was working on creating “virtual fans” to give the appearance of a normal crowd.

Technology is only going to get better and better

I’m not up on that.

What did his kids say about UH?

All games in year 1 will be in Birmingham. I think I read that somewhere

PVAMU went the cheap route by promoting its CB coach (also asst HC). K-Sum would have needed to commute from Houston or elsewhere. The previous HC made $260K per year.

Sumlin wanted an A&M deal and to be the highest paid coach in the SWAC -