Killer Frogs TCU!

First football and now Basketball. They look very good. Just crushed Kansas in Lawrence! Next year in the Big 12 will be a whole different world for us!


They’ll get their licks in and we’ll get ours in as well. Don’t you think twice about that my friend.

We will be a very tough out every single night.


Why do you think the troll created this topic? Ignore him

I think there are two seasons. Pre-tourney is 60% coaching, 40% players. A good coach can use his time tweaking and adjusting to get the requisite wins to enter the tourney. Tourney time I think it flips to 60% players and 40% coaching. All the coaches are good and there’s little more than 48 hrs to prepare for a team you might not have played in the last 5 years. The teams that can leave the last game behind and adapt on the court are the ones that go deep. I think TCU is a good team but I have my doubts they can replicate what they did in football. The tourney is search-and-destroy for six straight games. I don’t think the frogs have the resilience to adapt as a team six straight games.