King has season

Kinda feels sorry for.him although I wasn’t one of his biggest fans.

He’s a sixth year senior, that ends his college career. And I don’t think he’ll get looked at too much by the NFL. Too many injuries.

Gonna make someone a fine coach one day if that’s the way he wants to go.

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I think he sees himself as a Kyler Murray. Although he was great for us, he doesn’t have the arm talent that Murray does and now injuries have derailed him as well. Don’t know if he could try to transition to slot receiver? Don’t think he really fits in the CFL with all the throwing. My best guess is if he wants to keep the NFL QB dream alive he tries to join one of the new USFL teams once it restarts and tries to make his name there in hopes of getting a chance at the NFL. I guess he could go the undrafted FA route but it’d be hard to sell his services that way IMO

The XFL is supposedly coming back too.

Maybe he could QB the Roughnecks!

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Shoulder injury this time. I’m guessing his college career is over or is he eligible to come back next year?

Receiver is his only option at this point for the NFL/CFL, but I don’t think he’s fast enough now that he’s had 2 ACL tears in his career. Hes listed at 5’11 when he’s most likely 5’8-5’9.

I genuinely feel bad for King. Houston really screwed his potential, but he probably should’ve stayed with TCU as a receiver. He never had a consistent QB coach / offensive scheme in his college career. I think a Briles could’ve made him a special QB but unfortunately Briles is gonna Briles.

Too bad for him, but I didn’t think he would have made it to the NFL as a QB anyway.


I hate it when a player gets injured and especially an “ex” UH player.

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He could’ve if he had consistent coaching that highlights his skill set instead of having to learn a new system every year. The first time he had the same coach two years in a row was at Miami. That’s a huge deal especially if someone has NFL dreams

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It always takes two to tango 3rdWardCoog. Blaming the past does not get you anywhere. Speedy recovery is what I wish for him.

I wouldn’t think he could come back since he’s already red-shirted one year with Dana. There may be an off-chance he could get extended a medical waiver in which case he might be able to but not likely he would want to.

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He could have had the same coach two years in a row had he stayed.


Not a fan of his but don’t wish ill will on him. Hope he recovers.
NFL was never in the cards for him

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He was never gonna stay. Power 5 teams were most likely contacting him as soon as Applewhite was fired via backchannels

Part of the reason it’s probably hard for UH to snag elite QBs is because of the constant revolving coaching door

Wish him a speedy and full recovery. He’s got a bright future with or without football from what I’ve seen of the young man.

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I wish him well. One of the reasons he transferred is the way CDH wanted him to play QB. CDH wanted a more pocket oriented QB, similar to what Tune has been since his hamstring injury. King wanted to be able to run more. You could see by his play, King wanted to be a QB where he could improvise.


The only reason he had options of transferring is because Houston highlighted his potential, talent, and skill. Him being injured are just accidents due to the game. Idk if he would ever entertain the idea of receiver but i don’t think him switching now is likely.


When King got here he wasn’t heralded as a future NFL player. He had some different coaches but no one “screwed” him.

He couldn’t learn Holgorsen’s system and he left.
I’m through with all this belly-aching over a guy that left.

You don’t build programs around a single player in college.


He initially was a TCU commit as an athlete, but Herman offered him to be a QB

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I probably should’ve phrased it differently, but what I’m saying is King never had consistency here at UH which was entirely out of his control.

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