King of the Hill Revival Announced at Hulu

King of the Hill* Revival Announced at Hulu

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Loved King of the Hill. I have a hard time believing that the reboot will capture the cleverness and satirical sharpness as the original.

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I would rather Judge work on new things, but it will be interesting to see how it goes.

Best scene ever is when Hank comes into Bobby’s room and sees a cheerleader uniform on the floor and says “there better be a naked cheerleader under your bed”


Hank & the boys loved the Longhorns.
There will be laughs about the SEC move.

Thinking about starting from Episode one on Hulu.

264 Episodes.

I trust Mike Judge. He only has a few clunkers on his show biz resume. This may be the salve the nation needs.

Truly a show almost everyone, no matter what side of the aisle, could enjoy and get behind.

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