King to LSU Answer

Many seem to think that QB King will transfer to LSU. If you are one of those, go to LSU’S roster and read about Myles Brennan. He will be 21 next Fall. He is a former "Mr. Football " in Mississippi and holds all of the passing and Total Offense records in that State. He is 6’4 and has a rocket arm. Already has Spring and Fall workouts in the new Tiger offense. A true Pro Style QB. IMHO King cannot beat out this guy. Myles has already red shirted and has 2 years remaining. King has only 1 season remaining. Thus you would ask Myles to throw away one of his remaining years and return in 2021 for one season only. King is not going to LSU.


When is the deadline for King to make a decision if he were to enter the transfer portal!

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Why does anyone think king is transferring?

All I’ve seen directly from him is a press conference where he clearly stated he wasn’t…


Alot of Coogs fans live in this hate filled fantasy world where they hope for doom and gloom. With how many threads there is on this you almost think some are wanting him to transfer. Why would he transfer now and then have to learn a whole new offense? It makes no sense especially since he is still coming off an injury and has only played a couple of games. He was not lighting the world on fire either when he played this year.


Myles is also from the same family that owns the restaurants, so he’s like Louisiana royalty.

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Do they serve crow?

As in Brennan’s steakhouse? Doesn’t Fertitta own that? By the way, I met Fertitta’s wife today. Nice lady.

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There was ONE guy on one of the Coog Facebook groups that necromanced an old Thamel related article that mentioned LSU as a landing place for King.
Then a bunch of Coog fans with serious self loathing issues jumped on it as if it happened in the last 24 hours.


As of December 14 when he graduates he has until about August 27 to transfer and play anywhere he wants.

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You’re thinking of Brenner’s, which is indeed a Landry’s property. Separate branches of the Brennan family own the Brennan’s, Commander’s Palace, Palace Cafe and a bunch of other restaurants in New Orleans, and the Brennan’s in Midtown here in Houston.

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I have been to many, many LSU games that Brennan has played in…LSU is going to invest in an insurance plan at the very least. Think about the average to mediocre season Burrow had last year and Brennan didn’t come close to beating him out for the job. King would absolutely murder in LSU’s offense. NFL RB, 2 NFL WR’s, NFL TE, and most importantly, an OL. I’m not sure what there is to get excited about on the offensive side of the ball next year at UH. Defense, sure, lots of potential, but offensively, tons of ? marks.

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#5 is reason enough


King would murder in LSU’s offense? Give me a break. Opposing defenses would pack the box against him similar to what they did this year and force him to beat them with his arm from the pocket. As we saw this year, King has been off on his throws which has been costly at times. Also, when Oklahoma put Kenneth Murray on King as a quarterback spy, King was almost entirely shut down trying to scramble because of Murray’s athleticism. Playing in the SEC would be no different. And everyone complains that he doesn’t fit our new playbook? LSU’s playbook is just as heavy with NFL formations, if not more so than ours. LSU should stick with quarterbacks who can sling it from the pocket. No way they beat Alabama with a quarterback scrambling around for his life.

Yes, king would be terrible with all those weapons. He can only thrive with a patch work o line and questionable running backs and receivers. Yep, no way he could survive in Death Valley.

He needs instability to succeed.

Also, burrows was a prototypical pocket passer than never scrambled. He was not the second leading rusher on the team and never stretched plays with his legs. LSU is still an i formation nfl style offense that did not reinvent itself with up tempo high flying plays. It was all a mirage.

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I think 2018 King could succeed anywhere he went. Not sure if his issues early this season were an issue with the new offense, or something lingering with an injury, but his accuracy had taken a step back.

That said, I don’t see him going to a team where he may not be the starter.

Patch work o line? When King was starting, our Line was Josh Jones, Jarrid Williams, Braylon Jones, Gio Pancotti, and the UCLA Transfer. That group collectively had a ton of starts under their belt. And questionable receivers? Hardly the case. Marquez Stevenson showed us exactly what he is capable of when you can hit him in stride every once in a while. Corbin and Singleton are also above average receivers. As far as running backs, Patrick, Mulbah, and Porter are all quality backs and not what I would call questionable either. Sounds like you’re in love with LSU the way you hold them in such high regards while simultaneously undervaluing our own players.


Au contrair mon ami. It’s not hate, it’s an opinion based on his play in the 4 games in which he played. He indicated that he was not picking up the offense and his passing was suffering. Nothing personal Sonny, just business. Couple that with the fact that his father said he was leaving give a pretty good indication that he just may be.

Those of us with that opinion admit that we really don’t know, but we just want what is best for the team both on the field and in the locker room. What we don’t want is to have the team devided into factions since we saw how that went with Ward and O’Korn. The difference is that King has only one year left while Ward had 2 after the season in which he took over from O’Korn.

If King returns and can figure out this offense and actually go through the reads before taking off, I’m sure it would be a very good thing and everyone would be happy. It would allow Tune to redshirt and our QB situation would look solid. Nobody is anti-King, just pro-UH and wanting the best for the team. I don’t like to get too tied to one player over another because I think the coach knows far better than I about who should play and who is bestter for the team in both the near future and long range. Whomever, is on the field at the time, is who I will be pulling for.

This has not been opinion but rumors that are not factually based. Too many are saying King is leaving as fact and not just on opinion.

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I can only remember a couple stating that he is definitely leaving, most of us say we think he is, but just stating an opinion.

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Lmao who the hell in that locker room wanted O’Korn as the qb in 2014? Let’s just say there was a sigh of relief when Greg was finally given the reigns over someone he outplayed in the offseason.