Kingsbury as OC?

Assuming Dana gets another year, how do we feel with bringing Kliff in as OC? Currently a QB coach for USC.

not going to happen


A guy who was a head coach in the NFL 2 years ago is not going to play OC for Dana Holgorsen at a non SEC/B1G conference


I don’t think it has anything to do with the conference. Its us


Art for OC
Orlando for DC
Levine special teams and recruiting coordinator

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Art is toxic. Levine has a better job. Orlando hasn’t done anything since leaving.


Huge step down for Klit and does not fix the defense.

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KK’s next step is HC, i for one would welcome him here.

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But he hates to recruit, that’s a major issue.

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I think its NFL OC. He didn’t do well as a college head coach and doesn’t seem like he wants to get back in that grind. Not sure why we would hire a coach who did worse in the Big 12 than Dana too. Especially a coach who had a losing record with Patrick Mahomes as QB!

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UH should start a gofundme for this…other Big 12 programs and fans would pay 100% of that contract in a few days

and not only does Kliff hate to recruit he sucks as a head coach on all aspects of coaching and he is generally a selfish self absorbed person and lazy (and entitled)

UH should hire him immediately the Big 12 would love you for it

Levine sells overrated chicken sandwiches with 80 different ingredients.

I bet he might be interested

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he has Sundays off guaranteed…not a chance on hell he comes back

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Levine is home with his family every night and makes a few hundred thousand a year. He is probably happy not dealing with this.


Thats all he makes?

well if he is smart he probably has some money invested from his time coaching…$1 million per year or so taking home $600,000 or so and living in what was low cost Houston at the time he should have been able to put money away

It cost little if any meaningful money to “own” a Chick Fil A they are somewhat company owned and you are basically the manager with large profit sharing and a small ownership stake in the store…if he needs more income he can probably have a second store, but most Chick Fil a operators do not do that…and now with restaurant experience he could take some of his personal money and buy into other franchises as an actual owner, but there is a chance that Chick Fil A does not allow that so you do not get distracted from running your store with them

I don’t think KK’s ego would permit it. And I don’t know why UH would consider it.

KK is at USC right now, essentially as an Offensive Advisor.

He has $million from his Cardinals buyout.

Life is good where he is. Not coming to UH.

You are really asking for it. I mentioned that I dislike Chik-fil-A on here one time and damn near incited a riot.

lol, I didn’t lie. It’s horribly unhealthy food

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