Kirk Herbstreit Disses Houston and Greg Ward Jr. in a Lamar Jackson Lovefest: The Disrespected Heisman Candidate is Still Coming

Kirk Herbstreit Disses Houston and Greg Ward Jr. in a Lamar Jackson Lovefest: The Disrespected Heisman Candidate is Still Coming

Of course, ABC’s lead college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit already did, saying repeatedly on the air Saturday night that Louisville had an easy schedule the rest of the way and should have little trouble winning the rest of its regular-season games to remain firmly in playoff contention with only one loss.

Oh, Kirk. There’s the little matter of Louisville’s November 17th date with No. 6 Houston — only, the most anticipated college football game to be held in the Bayou City in arguably a decade.


With every powerhouse team UH beats, the stakes get that much bigger.

Next on the plate is Louisville. I think the are much better than FSU and OU.

The nation is going to be shocked when the 3rd Ward Defense makes Lamar Jackson look human again.

But as a fan I don’t want to fast forward to the middle of November. The UH football team still has some areas to improve.

We need to stick with 2 guards and stop shuffling them in and out. Whoever we decide on needs to start clearing the way for Duke Catalon.

We need Jeremy Winchester to become more consistent. Sometimes he looks decent, and some plays he looks lost and unsure of himself. If he can find some confidence then he should be fine.

Every other position group looks fine to me. Bowser will be back by then. The Kicker is OK. The safeties look well coached and limit mistakes and missed tackles.

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I watched the broadcast. Herbie did say those things, then corrected himself later that Houston was a huge game for Louisville.

@Coog2088 agree. Winchester has been picked on the past couple of games for chuck yards. It takes him awhile to get going, but he is only in his 2nd year.

Edit: Fact check

Yep, and he’s mentioned all week that Louisville has to get past Houston. Herbie got caught up in the moment of the broadcast; it happens.

Baldwin does love to try to play up slights.

Yeah, I think he was thinking in the ACC. Then remembered they had the late OOC game against UH.

I liked the ending “Ward and The Coogs are still coming.” Haunting even.

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This is getting around

Ouch. This need its own thread.

Herb sonds legitamitely PO’d.

I agree. Who would want that job right now.

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Winchester redshirted in 2014. Link ----- Jeremy Winchester UH Bio

But we just need him to be decent. If the other 10 guys on the field are net positives, we can afford one guy to be neutral. Just don’t screw it up.

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Kirk arguing on our behalf? :smile:

Seriously though, this would be the main reason for CTH to not take the UT job (or LSU or USC). Your bosses matter and right now, who is the boss at UT? It isn’t interim-AD Perrin. It isn’t Fenves/McRaven in regards to athletics. Boosters are fighting over that program right now and poor Charlie Strong is getting hung out to dry.

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