He has a very high upside in future. I know some on here were upset when we offered a kid from a 1A (now 2A) school but it shows you can’t always judge someone for playing at a small school.


Most people forget the Eric Dickerson played at 2 A Sealy and that Jack Pardee played on a 6 man football team.


He was an Applewhite recruit as I recall. Are you saying maybe there is something in the cupboard?


Of course. Contrary to popular belief on this board, Applewhite wasn’t completely incompetent.


Back in the early 70’s, LSU had a player named Terry Robiskie from Edgar HS in Louisiana. He played QB at Edgar, which was not even a 1A school, and was converted to RB at LSU where he went on to be a 1st string All-SEC RB followed by a 5 year stint in the NFL. Its’ not the size of the school that matters most.

Kirven has really popped on some plays but he needs some serious coaching. Sometimes he’s just out there kinda running around


Who popped him?

Yes, he is definitely raw but good for him for doing his best.


Kirven should be a redshirt freshman right now, but he’s one of the guys that our last staff threw on the field as a freshman for a few plays here and there without contemplating the new redshirt rule. Instead, he’s a raw true sophomore with only two years to go after this one.


With more defenders being eligible next year, Kirven may be redshirted then

CDH said as much in his press conference yesterday. He seems very agitated (to put it mildly) at all the guys he’s having to throw out there right now who never redshirted. He mentioned Kirven specifically.


He brings size to the LB position.

Terry Teagle Baylor basketball.

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I think Applewhite just didn’t have a clue on how to do that. It’s kind of like Bardwell burning his redshirt the year before because he played in like 3 garbage-time snaps in 1 game (prior to the 4 game rule). Why do that? With the new rule, Kirven should have been a guy that you either play 4 games and sit or you play all year from the beginning. Instead, he plays 9 games…a lot of it on special teams…and he loses a year.


Well, he’s 6’3" but listed at 205, which isn’t a lot of weight. Be nice if Edge comes back and maybe Kirven can get that redshirt and put on 20-30 lean lbs.

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You gotta love the height, tho. You can add weight but you can’t grow an inch or two.


Louisiana high school football is much better than Texas at the lower levels.

Freshman walk-on Ken Savanah is in the two deep this week.

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Post the depth chart link. I’m anxious to see who else made it.