So only 3 on the two-deep for offense and defense that have taken a RS season?


Problem with the 2-deeps they release for the upcoming game is they are based on the last game for the most part. They made the changes because of King and Corbin, but there’s been many times where the depth chart has been incorrect come the start of the next game.


Remember Apple carried over Herman’s proclamation that “Best one plays”. But you’re right, there is no justification for how either of them threw guys out there the way they did and wasted a year of eligibility.


so far anyways. Wonder how many only played in one or two.

Good to see that Lark has made his way back to starting, albeit the departure of Corbin helped.

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Man, we have enough explosive juice at receiver to light the world up. Just got to get it to them.


“For my brothers I’m going to put it on the line every time,” Kirven told the Houston Chronicle.

The former Super Centex do-it-all phenom for the Mart Panthers has come a long way in a short time. Cougars coach Dana Holgorsen said that he really wanted to redshirt the sophomore this season, but his hand was forced.

“Then we have injuries and he’s got to go out there and play,” Holgorsen said. “I think he’s done a good job of that.”

On the year, Kirven has 17 tackles in the three games in which he’s seen action. He also has made two tackles for losses, a fumble recovery and a pass break-up.


Edge probably isn’t getting his job back. lol But that’s a good thing.

He was running around against North Texas. Lol