Kiyron Powell now 6’10


We have a 100 suites in the team picture but nobody has the responsibility to keep the roster heights snd weights updated!


He better look the tallest in team photos now(no matter the angle)


Even more in football and we don’t have an updated roster.

Football roster heights and weights are 90% exaggerated. Not sure about BB.

its updated after the summer on purpose to add summer gains to their official weight measurements

youd rather say your player is 190 than 170


That was very true under Applewhite. Now it seems they just don’t keep up with it. Derek Bowman, for example, has been 6’4, 280 for a couple of years now.

Big deal, he put on 21 pounds in a year. I’ve done that before – a couple of times. I don’t have a 6 pack; big deal, I have a keg.


Wonder how many pounds Powell can put on over the summer, he’s definitely got the frame to do so. If Taze is an indication of anything I feel he can reach that 225-230 lb mark needed to play the 5 at an effective level.

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What you guys all seem to be missing is if this was with or without shoes on…. And if so how many pairs of socks did he have on?

He could be 7’o” with some extra plushy socks….if so, that is probably good for another 1.5 wins.


Not everything needs an explanation.

Red the dates are two months apart not a year. This is why it would be nice to have them updated when they report for summer practices and again for the fall.

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Taze added 21 lbs in less than 2 months, not 1 year. Fat or muscle, that’s tough to do on one’s body.


I am surprised he didn’t transfer but I am glad he stayed.

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Kiyron has four years left, including this one, right? Covid year, then redshirt?


Powell just seems to have difficulty getting muscle weight. He has been here three years with Bishop and still is very thin. He himself says he needs to put on weight to get on the court. He s too easily moved around in the post.

Get that kid a big can of protein!

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It may not be in his genetics to put on a ton of weight. Hopefully his functional strength allows him to get on the court and make an impact.


I think Powell will see some playing time this year. I hope so anyway. Defensively and on the boards he could be a monster. But CKS likes one of his two bigs (on the floor) that can shoot, so the floor can be spaced. What worries me is we only have 5 bigs on the roster (Powell, Francis, Roberts, Walker and Chaney). We have one scholly to give. Wonder if it goes to a big? Can’t have any injuries this year. I don’t want to see our front court thin like our backcourt was last year.

IF Powell still weights 210, which is doubtful if he already grew an inch, he could quite easily get to 220 by end of summer. IF he is 215 already, then 225 would be even better and could easily see some extra playing time at his new height and that weight. If he somehow pulled a Taze and gained 20???
That would create the potential for him to become a monster 5 and have a serious breakout season.


Actually Jimmy I think Powell has a nice stroke and could be our best shooting big man.
He needs bulk to keep from being bullied under the boards.
I will gladly sacrifice 20 pounds but I am afraid the extra flab wouldn’t help. He needs muscle.


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