Kopp has a new nickname

Call him “White Sauce”!


Good stuff. Dane Roy’s replacement. lol


Was he talking about alfredo?


Talking about his Mother’s spaghetti.

Loved this!

I hope that catches on.

The entire video is entertaining.

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One thing I’ve learned about Dell in these latest videos…he has confidence in his 40 time.

I’m so ready for the Kopp era to start.

“wait…you caught me off guard” LOL

Give this new aussie punter the interview job, From learning German with Seabass to Dane Roy we’ve had some fun foreign players on the team.


Matthew "Alfredo " Kopp.

Love it!

He did seem pretty nervous. I’d believe his palms were sweaty. Knees weak. Arms heavy.

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It did seem his jersey had a stain from mom’s spaghetti. …

He’s nervous, but on the surface he looks calm and ready…

We could sure use a couple of Seabass types right now. That guy was reeeaaally good.


Good for many years in the NFL. How many was that? He earned a great deal of respect in the league!

Good way to keep the boys loose and some team bonding.

I like the red meat sauce over the white and there is no such thing as good British food.


cottage pie, fish and chips, beef wellington, sandwich.

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Pub grub best with 2 or 4 pints… :cowboy_hat_face:

I’m thinking it’s more of a Halal Guys white sauce than alfredo. That sauce has more zip to it!

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