Kopp has a new nickname

I agree with your comment “there is no such thing as good British food” except for the fish (Cod) and chips (large potato wedge fries) in the pubs and the “full English” Breakfast, which has eggs sunny side up, thick bacon (more like ham) and other good things including baked beans.

This is where you lost me.


The English full breakfast is great! Especially the baked beans!


I’ll pass. My perfect breakfast is a ham omelet, fluffy grits, hash browns, and buttered English muffin with grape jelly. Oh, and coffee of course. The problem with that is finding a restaurant that serves fluffy grits.

If I remember from my 6 months of travel on business to London in 2001 I think the other items included the baked beans as I mentioned along with fried or grilled tomatoes, fried mushrooms, fried bread or buttered toast, and sausages. Sometimes there was something resembling oat meal.

If you want to raise the methane level in your home, go ahead and make beans, eggs, and sausage a regular part of your diet. :wink:

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I’m in favor of dispensing as much methane gas as possible.

Maddox “White Sauce” Kopp > Maddox “English Breakfast” Kopp.

But not by much.

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