KU is not so good!

… As long Tune plays well.

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Getting the lead on a running team helps so much. Glad we started strong

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Damn running qbs.

Offensively, they seem ok

Defensively they aren’t good

Holy sh*t. Tune threw a duck

Wet hands. Wet ball. Who knows

Terrible pass

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Now i blame this thread



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A bad mistake in the rain by Tune and no defense so far is a bad deal. We are going to lose a lot of fans during this delay

As well we should. This is unacceptable going into the Big 12.

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Definitely. Tune has regressed and so has the defense.

Coach Holgy going to lose lots of fans as well.

Ed you are cool but I have to disagree. Tune is the same Tune I saw the first time he stepped on the field. Our coach has wasted 4 years on him. Go Coogs!

Defense looks way out of sync,kids out of place or lined up wrong. I am shocked we are so unorganized.
Has Belk been reading his press clippings?

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Dana didn’t have fans to lose. We’ve been losing fans since 2016. And the reports of 22,000 season tickets was clearly pulled out of thin air. But it seems as if UH’s plan of raising prices and not marketing didn’t work!


This probably wouldn’t have been as big a curse had it just been a comment in the game thread.

Making people scan again to get back in stadium is just plain stupid

Last season was a waste ?

Tune seems back to his old ways so far but to say last year was “wasted” on Tune not rational. He was mostly great.

Never speak too soon.

But, the defense is not playing at all, maybe they need to replace some of the starters that are not producing.

Seems like no depths or options outside the DL.

To the QBs right 5-20 yards downfield on the sideline is the huge flaw in the UH Defense so far this season. Guys cant get there and/or cant make the tackle.

If they had anyone to fix that problem they would be playing.

Just bcoz UH scores does not mean the opposing team sucks. Unbelievable.