Kyle Allen predictions

where does he transfer to

O’Korn is graduating @ Michigan, maybe he can go there . . . . .

Maybe Sam Houston? I think Briscoe graduates this year. Realistically, I think KA is done, though.

USC if Darnold leaves.

How much eligibility does he have left? He already sat out 1 year when he transferred here.


He has one more year of eligibility. Wherever he goes, I wish him well. He was just not a fit for our system and was conned into coming here by Herman. LTH knew he was leaving and just used getting a big name QB as more bait for prospective AD’s to see how he could recruit. Herman never had any intention of being around for "Allen.


He will have graduated so he can transfer without sitting out. His redshirted his transfer year here and has one more year of eligibility left.

If it were me, I’d go to Washington State or Tech where they throw a lot.

I’d got FCS if I were him. He needs to go somewhere that he will be the unquestioned QB and he can have a full year to show his arm off.

I would think someplace where he can start immediately. SHSU or SFA? I can’t imagine he’d want to sit out another year.

Someone will pick him up and take a chance on him. There have been a few QBs that have moved around to 3 FBS schools in their career and still made it to the NFL. The current starting QB of the Texans is one of them.

My guess is that Major will help him find a landing spot somewhere, but a lot will depend on coaching changes first.

To be clear, though, Savage was never eligible to play at Arizona. I can’t think of many players that have been benched at two different schools and remained FBS.

The more I think about it, I think SHSU has to be the odds-on favorite for his landing spot. They’re a perennial FCS contender with a wide-open offense that’s easy to learn, and a starting QB that’s graduating this year. If Allen wants to start and prove himself, they’re probably his best shot.

Speaking of the Bearkats, if you’re looking for something to do with your next Saturday, they’ve got a home playoff game.

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Maybe he’ll go home. What kind of offense does Northern Arizona run?

Why not UT? They need a QB…bad.

If Herman wasted Allen, he would have taken him when he left, as Kyle would have been eligible immediatly, since he already graduated.

Allen doesn’t graduate until after the fall.

He could have graduated last spring, but it would have been a heavy load and he decided against it.

Texas Tech.

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He should go somewhere like a UTEP, UTSA, etc. where he will get a ton of playing time to end his career.

I didnt think he had any more years left?

2 at A&M, sit out a year for transfer then this year at UH.