Kyler Edwards = Soph Year Quentin Grimes?

Kylers got a bad ankle. Quentin had a foot injury

Quentin would have some single digit scoring games. His shot was definitely not like it was his Junior yr.

Quentin was streaky that season. So has Kyler.

Still alot of time to figure it out for Kyler, but it could be an up and down year like it was for Quentin his 1st season here.


(I typed this out pretty quickly. It could’ve been flushed out better. But the similarities between the two seasons is what I’m bringing up)

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Not an unreasonable comparison. We will have to see if he holds to his commitment of this being his final college year.

Was Kyler like 2 - 15 from 3? His shooting is definitely not good this year which is a shame because we definitely need him to be a good 3 shooter.

1 for 8 on 3 point shots.

I think it will improve whenever his ankle is fully healed. Whether that happens this season or not, who knows?

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i mean this in the nicest way, sophomore year grimes would decimate edwards

soph. grimes was streaky on contested 3s… edwards has been shooting poorly on mostly wide open 3s

we were still running the iso offense when grimes was a sophomore, where only the guards had offense … grimes was being iso’d with elite defenders and would go off once every 3 games …
this team could use a sophomore year grimes… especially with the kinds of looks “carlton fear” is creating…


Edwards knows he needs to get in the gym and work on his shot, so do his coaches and he will work on that during the break. As of now the kid needs to stay in school because IMO he is nowhere near ready for any pro league. Just think if all the guards come back next year watch out NCAA.


:dizzy_face::exploding_head: “all guards are coming back next year”. I do wish they could. And I agree Kyler under this program could develop into a better pro.

But we have a boat load of guards already for 2022-23 season

  1. Shead 2. Mark 3. Ramon Walker 4. Emmanuel Sharp 5. Terrance Arceneaux 6. Sasser, if he returns next season, will be a starter

Would love to see Taze Moore back also. He’s developing into one of my all time favorite Coogs. But unfortunately, him and Edwards will have to move on cause of roster space

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this Moores 5th year IIRC

But yea next years guard rotation will be deadly. If I had to guess we’d have Shead at the 1 and Sasser or Ramon be the SG.

I’m sure this has been covered but missed what happened with Caleb Broodo. Did he graduate early? I didn’t think he was a senior.

Quentin Grimes Soph 3 pt shooting 32.6%
Kyler Edwards this year 35.5%


noted the quality of shots in the post you responded to…
id take grimes 32% soph, sasser 33% soph over edwards this year with his 35%… edwards is getting insanely open 3s not the case for grimes/sasser

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taze shot 50% from 3 last year… the fact that multiple of you are acting like 3pt% tells the full story is extremely odd…

edwards has been missing unguarded open 3s… grimes was on top scouting reports for houston as a sophomore (and guarded as such)… Sasser shot 33% but a significant amount were off the dribble contested…my point edwards has been shoot poorly on great looks… saying he has a better percentage than this or that player a counter is a horrid take

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So, Kyler needs to take contested shots, then. :slightly_smiling_face:


Nah, Grimes just felt so much more pure, even if inconsistent in his first year here. You always felt like he was just so close to putting it all together.

I haven’t felt that with Edwards yet, even though I so much want to. Time will tell. His defense against the WS stud today was outstanding. Hope the best for the young man.


He had a year of eligibility left but decided to just be student to finish his engineering degree.

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Remember that Edwards’ stat line is excellent as a contributor. He always has a man’s numbers in RBs and delivers for his time on the court. He may struggle with a jumper but his contributions do far exceed simple effort minutes.

5-7-5 yesterday. I would actually take that every game vs a roll of the dice.

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Look at it a different way. He held Etienne about 10 points under his average. There’s your margin of victory.

Did it with a bad ankle. not flashy but the kids a warrior. And a winner.


We would love to have him back for one more year, wouldn’t we all?