Lady Coog Soccer

@CoogFans: @UHSoccer Nice 4-1 win by the ladies tonight. Pleasure to watch this style of play. Improved spacing, passing, individual technique taking on players 1 on 1 and soccer IQ. Keep it up Ladies!!


Whom did they beat? Scorers?

The sport is growing extremely fast in the U.S. now. We should find a way to start a men’s program. We have a huge area to draw from.

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Beat TSU. Don’t know the scorers names.

I agree, but it’s not that easy. Under Title IX for every scholarship on the men’s side, you have to have a women’s scholarship on the other side. That could mean more than one new women’s sports team.

So, start a rugby team.

Rugby is not an NCAA sport. Might have better luck with volleyball.

Rugby is considered an emerging women’s sport by the NCAA and if I understand correctly can be counted in the equity numbers. This is at least what I understand from USA Rugby.

I’m just trying to get another women’s Sport. How about a triathlon team? Shouldn’t break the bank.

Huge push for a gymnastics team last year when Simone Biles said she’d be willing to coach a UH team.

Don’t think we’ll add another team unless we move to a P5 conference.

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