Lady Coogs getting destroyed by USF

3:50 sec in Quarter 42-10, this is pitiful (ESPN+)

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Keep that bad “mojo” to the other board….


I can post on which ever board i choose, you don’t have to open the post, the mods can delete it.
49-16 at the half

Relax, it was said in a joking tone…. Sorry you did not get that.


My Bad, went right over my head :grinning:

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Hoping a change gets made in Lady’s BB before heading to B12.

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Mojo almost let the Rot off the leash.

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I went to one Womens game this year. Unimpressed.

Watched several games on ESPN and we definitely need a change.

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We recruit well but is it coaching?

Are we behind SMU in year one of their coach?

When you have time, watch this segment of the show where we discuss UH women’s basketball:

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