Lady Coogs look good today W (89-60)

That more like it. :fire: I can see why Tamara Nard was a JC All American, she is so smooth when she get the ball in the paint.
Coach Hugley might want consider giving meanful minutes to Nard and Diagne they could be
scoring and passing threats in the paint.

Congrats to the team and the staff, way to go. Go Lady Coogs!!!


Hope this is a step in the right direction but I have been the same thing for years.
With UConn gone we should be a top two or three in the AAC.
It is going to get super tough in the Big 12

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What frustrates me is that he wont play olay more than one big at one time. I would like to see fatou and hill together.

Beat Arizona State yesterday. Losing by 12 to Fordham today while shooting 7% from 3. Ugh.

Final: Houston 53, Fordham 67.

Houston 21/64 fgs (1/16 3s); 33 rebs; 10 asts; 13 turnovers.
Fordham 26/56 fgs (4/17 3s); 41 rebs; 17 asts; 18 turnovers.

Houston now 3-3 this season and faces Baylor, 11/27, at 12:30 p.m.

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I would imagine Baylor will be a test LOL…

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I think if we dont make the ncaas this year its time to move on from hughey. He has had enough time to make changes but im now seeing the same denfensive misques, bad shots, not enough of the bigs. My hope would be an top assistant off a team like baylor or a&m or head coach from SFA. This would be a hot job with us heading to BIG 12.

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This year’s version of WBB mirrors the last 7 years under Hughley, the only difference, this team has some talent at the guard and wing position.
Some of the things I would like to know are,
(1) Do we actually recruit the greater Houston area, including the burbs. Too much talent in these areas,to still be stuck in mediocrity.
(2) Why can’t the WBB staff recruit post players with good post skills? Think about this ,with a former UH player, Kadi Krell on the staff at DeSoto High, we can get guards and wings including Patterson, Thompson and Brown but wasn’t able to get at least one of those three DeSoto post players during the 2021early signing period. Amina, Muhamad/6’4(TX), Sa’Myah(6’4(LSU) or Tionna Herron 6’5 (Kentucky} the fact that we have a state of art WBB practice facility and Arena and we didn’t get a sniff from either one of those player, to me that is puzzling, it may have a lot to do with the fact that not a single post player has improved under this staff, we know coaching and development matters.
This is also pretty amazing, out of 15 ships, 10 are allocated to players listed as guards, and most are undersized. That doesn’t make lots of sense.
I love WBB, I starting following when Woodfin was the coach and continued until Buchanan left, every one of those coaches had some measure of success, and was at least competitive during their tenure, don’t know what has happened.
coach Hughey need to turn this thing around in a hurry, he can start by inserting 2 bigs into his lineup, and I don’t mean Hill and Lewis , maybe Diagne and Nard, both can score in the paint facing the basket. At least try that combination…….
This is how I predicate the next 6 games:
We go 4-2
Should beat Jacksonville, Louisiana, A&M Corpus ,Southeastern Louisiana, even thos games are not sure wins, let’s see what happens…….

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I think it’s time for a HC change.
The current HC has milked the situation for too long. Good bye.


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