Lady Coogs vs Cincinnati at 6 PM on ESPN+

The gals play with the intensity they had for the USF game, it will be a blood bath. Go Coogs!!

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We lose to UC. There will be some soul searching with each player and staff. Perhaps too much celebration with the big win over USF.

Well, they couldn’t hit the ocean from the floor tonight and missed a great many open layups and runners too. Sometimes the ball doesn’t go in. Now we’ll see if they can regroup.

This team only has one senior, Blackshell-fair, so they are going to keep on getting better. If coach Hughey can keep on getting good recruits, he is very close to being able to reload year after year instead of rebuilding.

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The starting point guard was on the bench with a ankle injury suffered in USFgame, factor in the effect of not having Gladney and two of your best shooters Onyeje and Crump were 4/26 from the field, the outcome is not surprising.


Yes, no Gladney was a factor. We had no answer for Thomas and I think she scored 30. It was just a bad day at the office.

I wonder if she’s (Fair) coming back.

We need to recruit a couple of athletic post, if that happens, with the guards and wing players we have returning next year, we can become competitive with any team in the country, because of our style of play
There is a reason we had no answer for Thomas, Tatyana Hill(6’1), Jazmaine Lewis (6’5) neither of those players are very agile, they had no chance to defend Thomas.
Kamryn Jones has the foot speed and agility to keep up with Thomas ,however she was not experience enough or strong enough to handle a player with Thomas type of offensive skills.

I’ve notice Jazmaine Lewis has gotten better offensively since the beginning of the season. kudos to the staff…
Fair stated she would like to come back next year, we shall see…


That loss killed their outside chance at automatic qualfier. They should definitely make the womens NIT. With everyone coming back but sydney and blackshell-fair. And adding the young lady from Desoto high school kendall brown who was second team all state as a junior in 2019 same as laila blair was as a senior that year. If White comes back, ( she is still on the roster) we will definitely be in the mix for ncaas next year.

The broadcasters said that Hughey “hinted” that she may be back next year, but I haven’t seen any interviews with him pre or post-game. That would be a win for us.

I think Patterson and Hill are athletic. The two really big gals, Lewis and White (who has disappeared) are both fairly slow. Lewis got better as the year went on, but yes, 6’5 and athletic would be a great help!

Patterson usually plays on the wing, I’m really excited about Kamryn Jones, as soon as she gets bigger and stronger, she will be a force on the interior, i noticed her standing next to Jazmaine and she appears to be closer to 6’2, than 6’0.
Speaking of players that have disappeared Maya Jones (6’2),last played in the Alabama game 1/29/21,
Paris Netherly (5’10) last played in the Memphis game 12/22/20, Ca’Leyah Burrell, last played (1/23/2021) in the UCF game, and of course Daphane White, last played, 1/27/2021, of course there could be mitigating circumstances such as covid, injury, quit, sitting out this year, the latter wouldn’t make any sense, since this is a free year. We may never find out…


That’s always been the problem under Hughey. Lots of his players tend to quit out of nowhere.

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