Lady Coogs vs Tulane( L 64-59)

Those two Florida schools are in their heads. For us to make a run at the conference title, our bigs have to step up, our guards must stop dribbling into the trap areas (corners and sidelines) , and those lazy overhead lob passes has got to go. We will see a lot of the press in every game from now own, since it appears we can’t handle it.

OT: Did Kamryn Jones make the trip?

Played decent but very sloppy with the ball. We have some talent but can Hughey bring them to a new level.
Glad UConn is gone. Saves us two embarrassing losses

Coogs can’t throw the ball in the ocean, shorthanded again no Bria Patterson or Gladney, Down 8 at the half, ugly and slow game. Come on ladies, wake up…

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Words can’t describe how awful the team played today, therefore, i will just leave it at that.

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Comments and stats from the Tulane Game:
We were out rebounded 46-26 Tulane 16 ORB / 30 DRB
Lady Coogs 10 ORB /16 DRB
Moon Urskin a 5’6" guard had 4 ORB, 9 DRB 21 pts, to add insult to injury, Urskin got the rebound off a missed Tulane free throw that pretty much sealed the game.

Our post players had a combined total of 4 ORB and 7 DRB, 5’ 6 Urskin had more total rebounds than the, aformentioned position players, just think about that for a moment, those stats alone accentuates the need to upgrade that position.
Something is wrong, however. we probably win those last two games if Patterson and Gladney were available. I don’t believe everyone has bought into the system.


Lady Coogs are just not good enough. Mediocre at best the last 4 to 5 years. I root for them but they make way too many mistakes.

This team has no identity. Nothing to hang their hat on. We dont play good defense. We take too many threes. This team has talent but nothing they can hang their hats on. If no ncaas this year its time to move on from hughey. Ive said before i would like the stephen f austin coach or an assistant off a big time program like baylor or texas a&m. We are going into the big 12 we need to makw a change at the end of this year. Jusy my opinion.

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