Lady Cougars vs Tulane ( W 65-57)

Game just started…

End of 1 18-7 Coogs

Thanks, got it on.

At the Half 34-20 Coogs

End of 3 51-34 Lady Coogs

Final 67-45 Lady Coogs , They playTulane tomorrow at 8pm on ESPN+
Blair led all scorer with 22pts


#6 Lady Coogs 48
#3 Tulane. 38
Upset brewing in AACWT
Start of 4th qtr

Coogs 58 Tulane 55
2:30 to go

65-57 Coogs advance to Semifinals
Good win.


Coogs win!

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Way to go, Lady Coogs!

Good win…

Watched it. Good win ladies!

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Up next for Lady Coogs

#6 UH vs #2 USF – Wed @ 6:00

Coogs lost to USF by 20 & 33 pts during Conf play. 3rd time is the charm as they say!


Jesse, the game is actually on Wednesday.

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Oh yes thk you, i know that, isn’t that what i put down :wink:.

Edit: Women Finals are always last gm of Men’s opening day…which is Thursday. Thks for the catch.

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Coogs lose by eight despite 25 from Blair

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