Lance Zerlein First NFL Mock Draft

I saw something on Twitter yesterday from LZ saying a lot of NFL teams will look at Ed more as an ILB than a DL. Given his size, speed, lateral quickness, and nose for the football, why not? He’s 270, but moves like a guy weighing 240. I think Ed could be a devastatingly good ILB in the league.


I like the idea of EO as a linebacker. He could be a beast.


He was proposing that a team could make an out-of-the-box move by making him an ILB. Problem, as he noted later, is that you don’t spend a high draft pick on a guy like that.

His measurements at the combine will be key. He’s not a 3-4 DT in the NFL; those guys are huge and Ed is way too small to play there at the next level. 4-3 DT, sure. 3-4 or 4-3 DE is a possibility, but teams usually like taller guys at those positions. OLB, maybe…but Ed hasn’t really had to cover anyone and he’ll need to do that to play OLB in the NFL. 3-4 or 4-3 ILB might be his best position and he’d probably be great at it…could be a Ray Lewis type of talent.

I think the Broncos should trade Miller, draft Ed and buy an oline and d backfield.

Sure, but you give Elway far too much credit if you think that scenario plays out.

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Did LZ date your sister at some point? Good grief. His claim to fame is being a successful radio talk show host for over 20 years.

Yes, he went to Tulane. He talks about it often. His dad did coach here. I don’t think there was a good parting of ways. I think both LZ and his dad has some animosity over that, but LZ doesn’t hate the Cougars.


I figure I’ll add to the absurd comments. Ed is an NFL shut down corner! Now top that!:joy:

Just because someone is a professional doesnt mean they always know what they’re doing. You can be a rather bad professional and still have a job.


Even if he weighs and measures at 6 ft 270, I’m sure he could put on more weight. Dont forget he came from a S&C program where protein shakes were treated like aids. He’s a knifer anyway, no one is fascinated with his bull rush. I’m sure they like the fact he is quick, can hold the point of attack, and shoot gaps. Our guy won the Outland Trophy…

He’s a draft writer for and has lots of NFL connections through his dad and others. I hope he’s wrong about Ed, but he’s usually more on top of these things than Mel Kiper and his ilk.

The Lance Zerlein bashing on here seems a little over the top IMO. You might not like his mock of Ed at 28, but he’s been a professional and mostly pro-Coog through his career.


I couldn’t care less about LZ or Kiper. Those guys and anyone for that matter are never 100% correct. That was my main point-refuting the notion that experience makes you automatically spot on. I’m more focused on the people that think Ed will be an inside linebacker. We dont even know his top end yet.

“His claim to fame” as a radio host has been so successful that he has station jumped how many times in those years? Your comment about my sister is laughable and so is your comment back to me. Keep the personal garbage out of the reply. This is an “opinion” board and we all have them whether we agree or not.
Govern yourself accordingly.

Didn’t think I was getting personal. Thought I was making a joke. Being successful doesn’t necessary mean you have 1 job your whole life. I feel like I’ve been successful and have primarily worked for 3 companies the bulk of my professional career.


I personally think LZ is right about Ed. He is a very strange and hard to peg athlete. Playing NT here did him no favors for the NFL, but we were trying to win. Ed could be a 4-3 3 technique, 3-4 end, 3-4 OLB or slim to a 3-4 ILB. NFL teams aren’t going to spend a top pick on a player unless they know exactly where they want him. Ed is going to be an interesting case study in the draft. The jacket crap has nothing to do with this.


I think the NFL wants taller OLBs. I’d put Ed on the inside. Elandon Roberts with another 30-40 lbs!!!

He doesn’t need to slim to be an ILB imo, unless it makes him appreciably faster in pursuit.

There are Zero ILBs over 260. Ed would have to drop 30 pounds and this is assuming that he has the top end to run with the athletes in the NFL. I love Ed but he’d have a hard time keeping his cleats on with any WR running through his zone. People are diminishing everything he’s done at HIS position and running with the opinion of a radio guy. Ok got it. Lol


Ed is a tweener in the eyes of the NFL due to his size and speed. If someone has a vision of how to use him he will go higher, if not he will be a mid round pick. But we are all guessing, we will see later this year.

No need to hate on LZ. I respect his opinion, but it is just that an opinion.


He’s a tweener in the eyes of ONE analyst who happens to be a radio guy. Yes it is an opinion. An unsubstantiated one at that. We’ll wait and see when more reports or opinions come out after the NFL combine. No hate brother just calling a spade a spade.

Go Coogs!

It’s not just from LZ, most opinion folks think his biggest drawback is his lack of size. It will all come down to the combine for him 6’1+ and 280+, he’s at least a top 12 pick. Any less than that then his spot is up in the air.

And that’s no a knock on Ed just at the top side of the draft, teams don’t want guess work they are looking for plug and play guys. If you have to figure a guy out then a slide is very possible.


What did Aaron Donald measure in as a rookie?

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