Landon Gossling?

Anyone have an idea on why the students had a Landon head in the crowd? It made me want basketball season to start.


Sunshine does have a good head.

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Wasn’t that Grant Stuard

it was Sunshine . His legend has now grown & crossed sport lines.

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He is now a Cougar icon


This is not one guy’s opinion, this is pure undisputed fact: Landon “Sunshine” Gossling is the greatest bench warmer to hardly ever play for the University of Houston. There is no one that compares.

A&M has the 12th man which signifies the spirit of a student who was called out of the stands to suit up for Aggie football. Much like Landon, that Aggie player never got into the game. So if A&M is home of the 12th man, U of H is home of the Gosslings, the 12th man on the bench. It is the reason why Aggie students stand during the game and it is the reason we sit during the game. Tradition, I love everything about tradition.

So yes holding up a head of Sunshine by the student section is perfectly in line with the spirit of UH. Our students are perfectly willing to sit on the bench and wear really nice warm ups and cheer on the team and look good doing it.

Now we need a statue. “The Spirit of the Gosslings” with five starters sitting on chairs during timeout listening to Coach Sampson and Landon standing behind them trying to look interested. Inspiring.

I think we all agree, there is a little bit of The Spirit of the Gosslings in every UH graduate.


That’s how you know UH is now a basketball :basketball: school… When the basketball program has crossover to the football :football: games… Thanks @dansatjr. U were rite.


Gary Orsak would disagree with that statement.

Must not be that legendary if his name isn’t even spelled right.

There’s a guy named Benny Anders. He was a bench guy.

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Benny Anders was a 6th man bench guy who was “Instant offense,” no way near a comparison to Sunshine.

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We want kyle!!!

I NEVER use absolutes so I absolutely wont in this thread like I always do. But there simply has never been a better 12th man than Sunshine. No one has looked looked better in their warm ups (the clothes not the layup line) than Sunshine.

The debate is over and the question has been answered.

What was the question again?

Nowhere near the flow of Landon.

Angel Sanz must be somewhere chuckling about this gross misstatement