Landon "Sunshine" Goesling to be on the Bachelorette / Spokesman for "Linking Coogs" NIL Initiative

it isnt confirmed yet …but it is being reported by the reality Steve ( a known reality tv source)



My wife calls him “California Love” and said this will be her first season watching The Bachelorette.


Saw him supporting the Coogs in FW at theTT game.

Oh brother lol.

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I wish him the best. That show tends to make contestants look bad on national television.

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Don’t read the comments on Twitter they’re savage!

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sunshine on the bachelorette confirmed…
the did a sneak peak yesterday (airs in june)

you can see him rocking a pink suit at the :17 sec mark

Thank God, he wasn’t the guy dressed in the animal costume


Hopefully he’ll do better than Jolanda Jones did on Survivor (she was the first one voted out - unanimously).


That means he’s already in love with a woman he’s never met or seen before. Jeez. Might as well join the idiots of “Married at First Sight”. At least you get some, lol.

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Ok . Done. Already sent one too many. He keeps coming across my Twitter time-line bc Lauren Sampson is retweeting all his Bachelor whatever it is stuff. :grin::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Such a likable guy!

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Easy! :laughing:

That’s all a bunch of manure made up for tv and women who are gullible enough to think that is real.

Thanks again, Captain Obvious.


“Married at first sight”.

Just caught the wife watching it at lunch lol.

Episodes are almost two hours long.

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