Landon "Sunshine" Goesling to be on the Bachelorette

Yes :joy::joy: had very very very little screen time, that’s how you know when someone’s about to get cut

Well depending on the goal I guess it’s either a bummer or relief. If he was looking to really get his brand out there (he’s a Coog no way he was naive thought too beehive he was looking for love). Then getting booted first episode is a bummer.

But if he did it for the experience, free drinks, and “I’m young and good looking” fun of it then I suppose it didn’t really matter.

What do you mean “anymore,” I never watched that and never intend to.

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I’m guessing the experience didn’t appeal to him. The good news is that he maintained his dignity.

From what I’ve been able to gather, Katie, the Bachelorette, is full of drama.

Unlike the NCAA basketball tournament, Landon’s leaving in the first round was a good outcome.

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I’m embarrassed for y’all. I’m with Mike on this one. Insane times!

I’m not sure where you’re trying to go w this Sir, but I’m not going to bite back into what seems like a personal attack. As I stated on a post above I wouldn’t be watching the show n have had no reason to watch. But every individual can watch whatever the heck they want to view.
Restart your day maybe!

I mean what do you have against debauchery?

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The good thing about Coogfans is that I don’t have to watch the show, I just come here and find out what happened.

Now I won’t have to watch that show
Glad he exited early
I’m sure he got a nice payday for that

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What in the hell was his problem and our basketball program’s problem.? Why can’t we recruit players that get the girl? All we talk about is defense, intensity, never giving up, constantly improving!!! How about charm? How about dancing ability? How about pulling the chair out when she sits? How about dressing to kill?

Typical Sampson player. Home on Saturday night. Probably working on their free throws.

Nobody gets the girl wearing a pink suit. Come on sunshine!!!


Contestants are not paid. They are offered a gift bag, free food and alcohol.

He looked great in the pink suit.

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If you like losers who don’t get the girl, yeah ok the Pink matched his shoes pretty well. BUT his one and only job was to get the girl. He failed and he exposed our one failing in our basketball program…romance.

This is on Sampson (all four of them).

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IMO less airtime is a win. If you get a lot of airtime, it’s probably because you’re a drama queen or because you’re making a total jackass of yourself.

I’m gonna just assume Sunshine went on the show as a result of a dare or a bet with his buds. But he’s got the smarts to have fun with it, have a bite to eat, a funny story to tell his kids someday and then GTFO.


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