Landon 'Sunshine' Goesling

He could be coming back to take over Mikhail McLean position as Director Player Development.
Lauren ‘liked’ his tweet



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Go sunshine! Isn’t he suppose to be on a reality show too?

Or eliminated from the bachelorette and he’s back in Texas

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My guess would be Lamar hired him.

Don’t think it would be Lamar. He wouldn’t say ‘we back’ . That Player Development position that Mikhail had is entry level pos n would fit him on where he is in coaching career. He’s currently at his former H.S in Dallas area as asst coach.


I don’t mind bringing him back. He understands the culture and was proud to play for our university. Other players really liked him also…so I think he would relate well to the team.



Any guy who goes on the Bachelotte don’t belong in our locker room. We’re blue collar here.


Wasn’t he suppose to be the new Bachelor and not be in Bachellorette. :unamused:

Haven’t watch that show in a while. How long did he last?

I guess that depends on how hot the girl is and their own stamina.


full thing is about 3 months, but its weekly elimination including day 1, so you could only be gone a couple days with a quick elimination

Sorry, darn voice command. I meant to ask, how long did he last?

What exactly does this Player Development person do? I thought the coaches developed the players.

C’mon, man!

I had quite the mane at his age. If I had only known it made the ladies all goofy, I would have leveraged it.


You will have to look it up Sir. I know alot of what they do but it’s pretty much jack of all trades when it comes to helping the Coaching staff.

After more than a year at home with no haircut, I’ve got Sunshine beat. I’ve kinda got the Nick Nolte look. Somewhere between mugshot Nick Nolte and “Angel Has Fallen” Nick Nolte…

If Landon is “Sunshine”, I’m more “Partly Cloudy” to “Overcast”.


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