Larry Scott’s future on the line!

Looks like the wheels are turning. The worst possible outcome for UH, would be either 2-4 pac schools joining the Big 12, or the PAC and B12 forming some kind of scheduling alliance.

Regardless of what the P12 chooses to do regarding its future, Scott has to go. He is probably the biggest disaster of a conference commissioner of all P5 and G5 conferences.


Agree completely. Scott is a disaster. Absolutely zero leadership…
And so the Pac12 is rudderless.


I highly doubt anyone would voluntarily leave the PAC.

Another round of conference realignment is happening in 4-5 years. UH needs to go on an epic athletic and academic run starting now. Nothing else matters.


Worst possible outcome?? PLEASE! A scheduling alliance is nothing but playing a few NC games with each other and essentially means nothing and gives ZERO help to PAC 12 and their problems…The only schools likely to even consider Big 12 membership are the Arizona schools and in the highly unlikely event of their leaving, PAC 12 would simply invite Houston and someone like UNLV or New Mexico to take their place…
I doubt Scott survives this…The presidents are running things now in the PAC and i think they will move to expand east into the central time zone in coming years…


A scheduling agreement where 6 pac teams play 6 Big 12 teams on a rotating bases would give the PAC almost as much exposure in the central time zone as having a central time zone member.

If UH were a PAC 14 member in an 7 team division, the pac would have 3 games in Houston, plus up to 2 cross divisional games which would alternate between Houston being the home and visitor. That’s 5 games in Texas so more than 3 that a potential cross scheduling agreement would get. However it may be give the pac enough of a revenue bump to keep them satisfied.

They could expand the scheduling agreement to 10 Big 12 teams playing 10 Pac teams but that’s not likely because the Big 12 had only 3 slots open for non-conference games, they may not be willing to dedicate one of those to PAC 12.

Maybe the PAC can hire Aresco lol


You really see no, zip, zero, benefit to a scheduling alliance with the big 12?

I’ll name some:

  1. Games in the central time zone - one of the big points that posters on here claim Houston will bring
  2. A marquee game similar to the big 12’s arrangement with the SEC that brings extra money to both the SEC AND big 12
  3. Not having to add members which would dilute the already bad, for P5 level, payout per school.

That’s just three and there’s certainly more. Definitely more than zero.


Please…Give us all a break…The Big 12 has 3 games next year with the PAC…3
MARQUEE?? ha…Oklahoma state-oregon state, TCU-Cal and Arizona-Tech…
wow, 3 games none of us want to miss…No USC, no UCLA, No Washington, no Stanford…
The MWC has 13 games next year with the PAC 12…THATS a scheduling alliance…
The PAC is 20 million a year per school behind their rival B1G! a couple of games with little 12 schools isnt going to change that AT ALL…


Whether you meant to, or not, you just proved my point.

At this time there is no scheduling alliance between the Big12 and the PAC. the games being played between them are just regular out of conference games.

The PAC making a scheduling alliance would provide many benefits for the PAC. Would those benefits be the same for the Big 12? The big 12 has the power in that negotiation.

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…Scheduling non conference games is NOT going to solve the PACs problems…They have been advised by the marketing firm they hired to expand EAST at next available opportunity…The presidents are almost ALL on board with this…THATS why Larry Scott is likely to soon be replaced…When UCLA’s prez retires this spring, there will be only 3 presidents left who support Scott’s no expansion philosophy…Scott himself knows he is likely soon to lose his job…Read what long time PAC 12 beat writers like John Wilner are saying and you might actually start to understand what is going on in the PAC 12 right now…

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What is the writer’s link?

Lol, there’s no way in hell the top teams from the Big 12 (Texas and Oklahoma) would scrap their future schedules to play 3 non-conference teams from the Pac 12 every year (that’s what Scott considered). Texas has future dates with LSU, Alabama (2), Arkansas, Michigan, and Ohio State. The Sooners have games scheduled against Nebraska, Georgia, Tennessee, Michigan (2), and LSU (2). Nope… ain’t gonna happen.

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Very true Drew.

With the Big-12’s round-robin schedule, due to their unwillingness to expand, they’d have to commit to play ALL of their non-conference football games against the PAC-12, to the exclusion of the other Cartel-5 conferences.

Unlikely, to say the least.

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It’s not likely to happen but all Big 12 teams could put aside one nonconference game to be played with a P12 team. Would still the Big 12 schools with 2 nonconference games to schedule with other.

Ron, if you go back to our other board, Cougar Digest, you will see a thread by coogam called “and then there were 3” talking about PAC 12 and disappearing presidential support for Larry Scott and includes Wilner’s latest article…you can read what he had to say there…You will be encouraged by what he says…Wilner is one of the deans of PAC 12 sports coverage. He writes for the San Jose Mercury News in California.

For fun I read wilner‘a latest article and there’s nothing in there that comes close to being about expansion. Only about whether Scott May be replaced, and the timetable, as well as rule changes to be discussed by the CEO’s at the next two meetings.

Wilner did have an article from October 2019 wondering about expansion. But didn’t mention any need for expansion, certainly no suggestion by any outside consultants recommending expansion. In fact, subtraction is also a possibility.

CUSA Commissioner was horrible too when we were there. So is Bowlsby.

I have to imagine their option 1 is a 4 team expansion with OU, UT, OSU, and either KU or Texas Tech. I know OU and UT kinda messed with them a few years back but not sure they have much of a choice to try to significantly grow their pie.

My personal opinion is that UT, OU, Texas Tech, and UH would be the best move to make. Texas becomes a PAC 12 state with 3 of the 4 major public schools in the fold with one in north Texas, one in central and one in southeast Texas. OU also has a huge alumni base in DFW. Don’t know if OU could leave behind OSU or if PAC could stay away from allure of KU basketball though. They have to get OU and UT even if they give them a bigger piece of the pie.

They could also go for a killshot and take OU, OSU, UT, Texas Tech, UH, and KU and hope their footprint that now dominates pretty much the western half of country could grow the pie enough to make it worth the expansion. 3 6-team pods with the 2 highest ranked pod winners playing in the championship game. Play your pod every year (5 games) plus 2 of each other pod, and then 3 OOC games. Gotta believe if done right it would be more lucrative for all.

What incentive is there for any other p5 team to jump to the PAC? Every other p5 is making more per team already.