Last USF Drive For TD

I missed USF’s last drive for a TD to make the score 42-27.

What happened? How long was the drive?

4 plays 67 yards against the 2nd stringers. Long 40 yd pass and a couple of penalties after that. Tough for those who had UH to cover.

Thank you

USF seemed like they went for it on 4th down a lot and played to win. Their coach even called timeouts late in the game to slow the clock.


Off the top of my punkin (get the hallereen reference) I do not know how much of our original starters are out of commissioning but for sure we are on thirds on receiver and I guess Oline… ok, also running back.

How many do we have out from the D ?

I heard we’re in the neighborhood of 15 scholarship players out for the season. Don’t really know but wouldn’t be surprised

Why did they go for a 2 point conversion? Oh, yea, to cover the line. Ref’s helped too.

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