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Sumlin reunion on tap - no pun intended

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Long way from making bowl plans but if Phoenix is where 6-6 B12 teams go then that’s awesome! This would be the best AAC bowl lol. It’s a B1G vs B12 matchup and played at D-Backs stadium. Short hop from airport and Scottsdale


Oh I’m down for this

I’d like that match-up. Interesting.

Works for me.

I saw us play Maryland once upon a time. It was great!


Sun Bowl

No, that was Oklahoma.

Maybe it was Cotton

Yep, Cotton Bowl I believe !

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1977 Cotton Bowl
Houston 30
Maryland 21


The Cotton Bowl !

Maryland was undefeated. 11-0.

The Veer was humming that day. And it was cold! Not 1979 cold, but cold.

Guess what was dominant? Our DEFENSE. Coach Yeoman had many,many great defensive squads.

30-21 final score. We finished with a #4 National Ranking. Highest ever ranking after Bowl Season. Ever. To this day.


and they had future Dallas Cowboy’s star Randy White.

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We played OU in the Sunbowl destroyed us 40-14 1981

With our qb that we outrecruited from UT but they cried and put us on probation and made him pick Oklahoma.

True very true…OU benefited from that
They got Sheppard

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I’d go to this one. It’s a few hour drive but it would be fun.

Randy had already Maryland by 1976-1977.

Randy White played for The Cowboys in 1976.