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Things are swinging back towards Republicans for sure.

Are you happy about that?

In general, yes. Not happy about some of the candidates.

In any case, I prefer a divided government.

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Not suprised you don’t seem to have a strong belief in any direction.

Not in ideology or political parties, no. Political tribes are close to meaningless for me. I realize they are a big deal to you.

I have very strong beliefs though. They just aren’t tied to politics like yours.


538 favors Republicans to win the House; Democrats are favored to win the Senate. Looks like it will come down to turnout.

Integrity, all could learn from that

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Which seems to never fav dems in non-Pres election years. Unless they are already accounting for young voters not voting as usual.

I think Democrats could surprise, especially if we see heavy early voting. If the threat to democracy, Dobbs, and slashing Social Security and Medicare don’t have Democrats falling over each other to get to the polls, then probably nothing will.

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States where severe abortion restrictions are being passed will have higher voter turnout than those that don’t. That’s no small thing and I don’t know if these polls reflect that.


I saw the question, do you support baby killing (yes/no)

I do not support baby killing.

It takes a certain amount of intelligence to know a zygote is not yet a baby. Wearing ignorance like a badge is not a good look and trying to force it on others is immoral.


Sure you do its called women’s health

Immoral, now that is funny. Saving babies lives is now deemed Immoral by the left.

I get to speak for myself and state my positions, not you or anyone else.

You have never shown any ability to understand that very simple concept and it’s prima facia evidence of the lack of elementary intelligence in your posts.

I’ll simplify. Speak for yourself.


I actually respect your position you are a died in the wool leftist ala Bernie that really believes in this stuff. Unlike some of the supposed conservatives on this board that support the same stances that you take.

You should just have respect for people.

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People are more concerned about the killing in their streets…and taking out loans to buy food and gas

Usually it’s the public that votes to keep balance in non prez yrs. If a Republican wins prez then 2 yrs later more dems win in congress and vis versa so that no prez can totally run the agenda. The best chance is the first 2 yrs once the prez is in. So in 2024 if a Republican wins prez he’ll have the house and sometimes both initially. Usually 2 yrs to get stuff done I noticed over the yrs. I think Obama got his Obamacare in the first 2 yrs I recall.

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