Latest Rankings (12/5/2022) Still #1!

This is the AP Poll

Week 4. Lost a few points to the Whorns. But still #1.

Week 3. Not unanimous, but #1!!, But not expected. A soldid cushion over the #2 team

Week two: Move up to #2 seven more first place votes and 66 more points in the poll. Within shouting distance of UNC.

Week one: Picked up 35 points from the previous poll, Still #3. One more 1st place vote.

Here’s the USA Poll

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I am cool with being a basketball school.


Football is king but the level of talent in bball maybe higher comparatively



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Football would easily be king too if our kids didn’t go out of state.


One moron had UH at #7……six teams better than Coogs? Dude needs to actually watch basketball or give up his vote.


In r/collegebasketball their user poll has UH as the number one team in the country with 44 first place votes


Lot of TX kids leave the state for bball too. I know football is a bit different but the high end talent in TX HS bball is really high.

Plus Arkansas at #9 and that’s 7/9 Southwest Conference teams in this poll 30 years after its breakup

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Dude’s poll is all over the place


Not a lot of them, but most Texas basketball kids go out of state to college.

He had Creighton and Indiana ahead of us??? weirdo. Also, no one voted us #5 not a single person. So the one that voted us 6th and the one that voted us 7th are voting with some weird idea in mind. Perhaps just trying to be contrarian.

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I’m cool at #3 knowing we’re better than NC & Gonzaga if they played each of them.

I think UK & Baylor may be better than both (NC/Gonzaga). Too early in the season, tho!


Kentucky with Wheeler is gonna be scary.

I think you’ll find, jiust like with our team, those Texas teams aren’t made up of all Texas players.

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I am not sure if any of you have seen Creighton. Their starting four of Kaluma, Baylor Scheierman, Nembhard and Kalkbrenner is scary good. This wil be a great season with potential great matchups but I will be surprised if anyone else other then the list below gets the championship -
Houston, Gonzaga, North Carolina, Kentucky, Arkansas, Creighton, UCLA and then three teams outside looking in - Duke, Baylor, Kansas

I’m more sold on Baylor and Duke than crieghton and Arkansas. Creighton needs to show something before I believe in anything there.


Could be a special year, with Jim Nance retiring, the Final Four in Houston and the Coogs a top seed.


Just imagine how many of us will die when they do the biggest Coog’d It since 1983