Leak: Big 12 Expansion Vote Tally

The photo below is attached to this anonymous twitter account and it allegedly shows the final tally of the first-round of Big 12 expansion voting. Still parsing through it but I’m shocked by some of the votes. Especially Tech voting for Memphis as its #1 choice? :unamused:


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Lol! There’s no chance Texas vetoed Houston. If Texas backs off its public support, I guarantee it wouldn’t be by veto.

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Cincinnati fanboys getting drunk for their Monday night fantasy draft.

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Some people have too much time on their hands lol!

Comical. After publicly supporting Houston, Texas vetoes Houston in the double secret Microsoft Excel balloting, then allows that information to be leaked on Twitter? I’ll believe that when me s**t turns purple and smells like rainbow sherbert,


We get left out. It is our fate. That said, that sheet looks bogus.

Bogus would be a step up. It is like they didn’t even do research before creating a fake sheet.

If the Big XII is dumb enough to use an Excel spreadsheet without code names for their schools, then that speaks volumes about their leadership.

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First, look how good Northern Illinois did.

Second, look at whose twitter account posted this.

Hint, it’s the same guy who “leaked” a consulting report about a week ago showing Northern Illinois was the best choice for the Big 12.


Relevant video:

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Is it me or it just seems like a lot of expansion info are coming from UC fans/media. I do t know if they will get added or not but I hope their fans be prepare for a huge disappointment if they don’t.

I’m with you. The “veto” by UT tells me the whole thing is bogus.

I just wasted 5 minutes of my life…on that??? Bwaaahaaaaahaaaaaa!!!

What does BA stand for? Baylor academy? Benedict Art?

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Yeah that’s a fake.



The first sign of that chart being bogus is how many schools are listed.

Tech gave 2 points for Ark State but none to UNM, Tulane or the FL schools. :wink:

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This was actually quite hilarious. Thanks, Von, needed a good laugh.

Northern Illinois fan reaching for the stars.

Wow, sure glad VonAirhead visits us. What value!

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