Leroy Burrell to Auburn


Really sad news for our program but I bet he got more money and a chance in a new environment.
Wonder how many players follow him

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Happy for Coach here. He’s given so much to UH and built our program to be nationally competitive. Given everything he’s been through, a change is probably good for him and his family.

I’m sure we’ll have our pick of the litter from coaches. #HTownSpeedCity


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I posted my thoughts on Coach Burrell on the football board. Hate to see him go, but glad he’ll get the change of scenery he’s looking for. I mostly hope he finds the peace he’s searching for. Much love to Coach Burrell.

What are Carl Lewis’ plans? I am hoping he stays on here as Head Coach.

EDIT: found this in Auburn’s press release. Doesn’t sound like Carl Lewis will be following Leroy to Auburn:

“Auburn track and field is getting a someone who knows how to build programs and does extremely well recruiting,” Carl Lewis said. “Leroy knows how to run a team, is extremely organized and can coach, especially the sprints. He works very well with people and whoever his staff is going to be, they’re going to enjoy working with him, because he’s that kind of guy. People at Auburn are going to love Leroy and his family.”


I think Carl stays. He has roots here and a house. He also doesn’t need the money. I’m not sure if he becomes the HC though unless he wants it.

Yeah, this a big blow to our program and he has
done an incredible job both as student and coach.
But I think you said it best. Wishing him and his family
nothing but peace.

I would hope Carl will step in and be HC. I’m sure there
are lots of parts of being the HC that are not fun and
glamorous, so I can understand if he doesn’t want it at
this stage of his life. But hope he stays on as part of
the staff.

We have been fortunate to have Leroy and Carl step up and keeping the program relevant after coach Tellez.

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I’m not familiar with Collegiate T&F whatsoever, but know enough that Coach Burrell will be hard to replace.

For those of you with more knowledge on this sport: Do you know any potential coaching names that might be a good fit?

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