Les Miles fired

My guess is CTH will squash all rumors concerning him and will have a chat with the team to keep them focused. We’ll see what happens the day after the bowl game.

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Time to poach a recruit or two from LSU.


It’ll be nice to steal a couple along with Dylan Moses.

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I like the way you think. People predicted Coach would be gone after last season. Until he is gone, he is the UH coach and I’ll deal with it until he is not.

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What Tom Herman does or doesn’t do at the end of the season will be something to worry about then. However, all these people having it on “good authority” that he will take this job or that job (many of which aren’t currently open) are full of crap. There are likely only two people who know anything - they are Coach Tom Herman and Mrs. Herman. Beyond that, agents, managers, college football boosters, Miss Cleo and the psychic hotline, Lopez & Wright, 610, its all speculation. Of course, some people who speculate could turn out to be right - but that doesn’t mean that their info was good.

I for one don’t think he will be so quick to jump, there are a lot of intangibles people overlook about the Houston job.

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Thanks Nostradamus, you pick winning lottery numbers too? You don’t know that. Everyone thought he was gone last year.

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There has been insinuations from Art Briles’ camp that he already had a job lined up. I would not be surprised if it’s LSU and they were just waiting for Miles to trip up. Otherwise why fire him now?

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That is a good point. I would think that LSU has their man already. Who I don’t know but it makes no sense to fire a coach now with a half cocked gun.

Likewise, I think there are 3 things that could help jar Herman loose from us: a) no P5 invite b) go undefeated and still get left out of playoff or c) Texas job opens up.

I would think b) would be the most damaging, what else are we supposed to do?

Stil though, I think Herman loves it here and he will be canonized as someone who made our program into an elite program and a dynasty. Can raise a family in a dynamic environment and not have to live on an airplane to recruit.

Lane Kiffin or Tom Herman? LSU’s only right answers to replace Les Miles


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Should it also be mentioned that LSU (and the state of Louisiana) is basically bankrupt, and are potentially on the verge of being discredited.

Seems like a place only an Art Briles would touch.

I think they are talking about “financial” bankruptcy … NOT moral bankruptcy !!


I expect the Notre Dame job to open up as well which I think is a better and more prestigious job than LSU. But who wants to live in Baton Rouge over Houston. Either way we have Applewhite waiting in the wings.

I do agree on Kiffin, and not just because I want Herman to stay. It just happened this afternoon and I’m already tired of all the rumors and speculation. Kind of a weird coincidence this happens during UConn week.

Ok narc

Agreed. Also, we can’t get upset at every media outlet speculating that our Coach is gone, and then do it ourselves at every turn. Might has well join in everytime 610 or some other outlet says Coach is leaving in that case. He is here, has said over and over that he wants to be here. At some point we are going to have to take him at his word…until he proves us wrong.

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If by Applewhite, you mean Orlando.


Herman isnt going to UT and you know it. Austin is no Houston…and he has already built a culture here. His charater wont let him do that…so UT, LSU, and however else want to fire their coach going to have to look elsewhere.

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LSU folks are a bunch of selfish idiots…firing one of their greatest coaches on a controversial ending last night…

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