Les Miles fired

Is Orlando head coach material? He is sure a great DC. Those of you that know TO, what do you think?

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Come on everyone. P5 coaches are going to be fired as the season goes. We all know that.
Getting a P5 invitation answers our concerns. In case we do not WE ALL KNOW THE REST. Now, let’s just focus on the next game. UCONN is coming but they have to understand that they are coming to our campus.

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Honestly, someone whose name i don’t want to say, but if i told you you’d add some weight to it too said he’d leave for UT BUT probably ONLY UT. I was arguing that he wouldn’t either but he kinda convinced me I might be wrong. Fyi, i didn’t recognize him when i first started talking to him, but once i knew who he was his credibility skyrocketed.

Plus, you know ESPN would be all about helping move Kiffin to LSU midseason, if for no other reason than to prop up the storyline of the LSU-Bama game, which right now is a total soup sandwich for them to broadcast. They need that to be one of the top three games of their broadcast season, and Kiffin is the best way remaining to do that. Even they doubt that Herman would move before he’s finished his work for this season at UH, if he would even move after that.

By the way Orgeron is not incapable. He is actually a very sound Coach. I see him finish the season with LSU. He is that good to turn their season around.

Orgeron should be the USC head coach right now.

Herman says that neither he nor his agent have been in contact with LSU.

Herman also says that he won’t comment about other coaching positions during the season. Note that CTH does not say that he and his agent wouldn’t consider such overtures, just that he won’t comment on them.

He’d be dumb not to give them his full consideration, especially when it comes to the the new contract that he will undoubtedly be offered here. To ask him not to, is to ask him to flush his leverage down the toilet.

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If LSU is smart, they go hire Briles; he’d be a perfect fit in that job and bring the offense they long for (he already recruited Loisiana when here and at Baylor). They could also weather any damaging info that comes out on Briles.

Pendergast (I know) put out a good tweet regarding LSU: the job isn’t a Top 10 job, but the fanbase thinks it is. If I’m Herman and I saw how they treated Miles, I wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole. I’m sure Herman will listen, gotta make the money, but I can’t see him there.

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Fertitta is on record as saying that IF Herman leaves it won’t be because of money. I believe it when a billionaire says that.


I agree. I meant that he’ll listen in order to negotiate a bigger contract. Doesn’t hurt to see what you’re worth.

I’m just surprised LSU can afford all this. The Louisiana governor was on record just a few months ago saying that the state was broke and they might have to take money away from education that would affect athletics. Miles’ buyout is up around $12M and they’ll have to buyout the assistants which could run up around $20M and then bring in another coaching staff. Expensive. Hope the boosters are willing to pay, but then again, that money would probably be better served helping the state or even LSU dig its way out of its hole.

Here’s that tweet to Pendergast that I mentioned above:

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I agree with you. They are so full of themselves.

It is never about money until it is about money.

I’m not sure what you’re talking about, but it is ALWAYS about the money.

That explains why Scumlin is a good fit for you and all your Aggie friends.

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But then there are coaches like Patterson. Cumbie, and DBU baseball coach. I guess there’s a limit to the money. Exceptions vs the rule.

It’s about the money but it’s also about the prestige

UH wants to get in the big 12 for monetary reasons but also to know that they’re competing at the highest level in the sport

For arguments sake let’s say there are 10 delete programs in College football . What are the similarities between these programs ?
passionate fan base
Elite coach
Power five affiliation
Game day or season tickets that are hard to come by
Significantly deep and broad alumni support
A marquee brand name

I purchased my season tickets this year at TDECU for $125 for the season or approximately 20 bucks a game

That fact alone should tell you that we are not at an elite level right now nor do we Match up on any of the other attributes listed above except an elite coach

We do have a broad fan base but it’s not deep

Back to the money. Sure uncle Tillman could pay Tom Herman an amount comparable to say what UT could pay but he can never match the prestige of a top 10 program

Tom Herman wants a top 10 coaching gig like we want to be in the big 12 for the same reasons–we want to compete at the highest level

Elite programs will attract elite coaches and you don’t have to be Nostradamus to predict this.

I love the fact that Tom Herman Tillman and the U of H board have put us in a position to be worthy of big 12 consideration so we can play teams that are fun and interesting to compete against

But Tom Herman is a young ambitious coach . It’s why he has brought value to our university. it’s also the primary reason why UT would offer and he would except the coaching spot at the top 10 institution

UH is at the threshold of big time athletics but we are not at a UT or A&M prestige level so only thing worth of monitoring on this thread, as suggested, should be a denial of the truth

I agree with the theory here, but not the application. I’m not saying Herman won’t leave, but I think he sees a great base here that he can build on. If he was just going to leave in a few years, then why did he push so hard for facilities improvements the minute he got here and in his contract extension? He could have just asked for more money and would have gotten it. Instead, he begged for facilities, tied his buyout to those facilities, and deferred some of the compensation he was offered so he could pay his coordinators more. That doesn’t look like a short term plan to me.

He has repeatedly pointed out that he can recruit one of the best football hotbeds in the country without ever getting on a plane. I have 2 young kids and I can tell you that’s a BIG selling point. Plus, his wife is on record about how much she loves it here. He is on record saying it would have to be an unbelievable opportunity to pull him away from this job. He has a fan base that idolizes him and an admin that will give him whatever he wants. Where else is that going to be the case?

Why is he going out of his way to recruit kids on the notion of staying home and putting on for one’s city? He’s going to make himself into a liar the minute he goes to another school and tries to recruit Houston. Herman has built a solid reputation on being honest and telling it like it is. I believe reputation is everything to him, or he wouldn’t have battled 610 and Lopez the way he did.

He knows he has a solid foundation to build his vision of a program right here. I truly believe the only reason he would leave is if he thinks we won’t get into a power 5 program in the next 3-5 years. That creates too much of a ceiling for his vision. In the meantime, he can continue building that vision here and get paid a lot of money doing it. We obviously have seen past coaches sell out for the almighty dollar. Herman may prove me wrong, but I don’t think that’s him. One thing I can say for sure is, if he’s going to leave the pretty sweet gig he has here, he’ll be a lot pickier than going to LSU.

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