Let Me Get This Straight!

So, we have been shut out of the big conferences now for a very long time - because we were not “worthy,” so they said. And, now that we have become “worthy,” we are to be shut out “because taking us in has become too risky for the present members,” some say.

So, we are damned if we do; damned if we don’t!

Is that about right?

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The more success we have, the dumber their arguments are sounding and their logic is ridiculous …their trolling and hate becomes more transparent. Fortunately they’re not making any decisions of consequence.

Because for some reason “I don’t like Houston” is hard to say

How they ever took W Virginia I don’t know

I guess it because they were not near the ripe Houston area recruiting grounds


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I think we’re in good shape.

Agree, other P5 noticed

Yeah the reasons are getting silly. I read an article earlier today and they could not argue with the results, facilities and ratings. Their reason on why not Houston…“well…uh, their women’s programs suck”. Grasping at straws.

They took WV because nobody recruits in WV and they didn’t think they would provide much competition. That’s what they were really looking for and what some in the B12 are still looking for. Now, after all of the hype and the results our team has shown in attendance improvement, facilities improvement, academic improvement, basketball improvement, and the obvious rise of a football powerhouse, if they don’t take UH it will show them as cowards afraid of the competition we would provide. They would be the laughing stock of the NCAA.

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They took West Virginia because of Oliver Luck and they were supposed to take Louisville with them until Dodds went with Del Conte.

Yall need to remember that the people saying all this DONT vote! The Texas faction loves us and i suspect we have other allies…The prez’s made clear their criteria for good members and we fit every one to a T…we are going to get a bid!!! coaches dont vote…nitwit fans dont vote…

This is too important to be left to the will of the fans. As Aldine notes those making these idiot comments are not the ones who vote. Remember when the story was they wanted programs which made the conference stronger? Well, that ain’t Rice.

It doesn’t get much stronger than the product we have on the field. What happens if the B12 snubs us? I honestly don’t think they are going to take us. Kansas, Iowa, OSU and WVU will all vote against us. I don’t believe for 1 second that it’s about making the conference stronger competitive wise. It’s about making the B12 more $$$ and they want to expand their market. That alone is why we’ll get snubbed.

If the northern schools say no. Texas will say no to Gor extensions. So no more big12 and I trust you know where that will leave them? Better yet OU will go to SEC before current Gor expires. Again Isu without big12 will wither away.

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Hmm… so basically UT has them by the cojones? Either play along or bye bye B12? Didn’t think about GOR and it being in the hands of Texas and the other schools dependent on it. Makes me feel a little better. Although, what is UT’s angle? It’s not like they care about us. Why the sudden change of heart? There must be some serious backroom dealings going on…

Surely these schools are not so delusional that they would not realize that most are G5-bound if the Big12 disappears. ISU, KSU, TT, Baylor, and maybe even OK St. have no chance of being snapped up by another power conference. Even TCU is a question mark, although they do have the DFW market to bolster their chances. Only UT, OK, WV and probably Kansas should expect an invite from a power conference. That’s why I have trouble believing that there won’t be a consensus on expansion sooner than later. There’s no logical reason for them not to. Of course, that presumes that logic is being employed here.

Logic has not played a role in this process since it began somewhere around 1993.

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