Let’s show up and support bc we finally reached the promised land

Yeah I remember tailgating with maddog hoping we’d be p5 someday and now we are. Maddog is gone . I remember the hoping we could like Louisville in the big east. I remember the Louisville fan all happy beating us with dimel and wishing we could be them. We’re now better off than Louisville longterm.

So let’s enjoy this ride and act like a p5 and simply show up then good things will happen.

Our school is now great . We have over 12k housing compared to 4 k back then , great facilities and more improvements on the way like the 2027 stuff they are doing on the plaza etc. we just need Scott st to keep getting better and French’s is a start and I was pack when I drove by for the utsa game.

We will be there. The experts (lol) said we will when 5-1/2:games this season. Considering how bad Texas Tech and Baylor look now, we could still do that. That, and we have season tickets and love being at the actual games.

Actually, I don’t know yet how good or bad our football team is. With 1 win and 1 loss (where they came back from 28 pt deficit to force overtime) it seems early to declare the team a corpse.


I will be there because I love watching my school’s football team play. Its not complicated yall. If UH gets left out of the big 2 conferences we will have no one to blame but ourselves.

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BTW. I like that all the fans that have answered this thread have said their going to the game.


Just be glad we conned the Big 12 into taking us. We had 83k people, nationwide, watch the UH Rice game…83k. SmH!

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I hope that has something to do with being on the NFL network.

The NFL Network was broadcast all over the country…we were their college game that night.

…and there are people here who defend regional rivalries and think big matchups are killing college football :rofl::rofl:

Apparently, regional rivalry games like Rice vs Houston is killing college football.

Nobody cares about regional rivalries outside of their region!

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The silver-lining is that not many people saw the debacle that was the Rice/ UH game.

Yep, finally in the big 12 and Dana craps the bed