Let's all be rational here

National championship or bust


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All the fans from other schools are pointing fingers at UH because we have a good chance of dominating again. They’re afraid we will steal their 4 and 5 stars. If we hired anyone else, nobody would care about who we hired


The rational view is the fact that UH’s offense will instantly be prolific again next year. Offensive high school players will want to play at Houston. Fans will be back at the Cage.If FAU went from a 3 win season to conference champions in one year and demolished its bowl opponent, I can only imagine what can happen at UH. Memories of 2015 come back.

Barring any legal fallout from these hires, the UH football program will be back in the national spotlight next year for football wins and not the current hiring controversy.


Lets make a banner and some t-shirts! Schedule the parade!


Hmmm…sour puss for some reason?

Let’s one-up UCF and go ahead and declare ourselves next year’s national champs now. Really go all out with newspaper ads, parades, etc. That on top of the new coaching hires should keep us in the national spotlight until the start of next season!


Just take us through the 2022 season when the big opening of conference slots reopens.

As a reminder the TV contracts expire for three of them:
Big 10 in summer 2023
Pac 10 in summer 2024
And Bevo 12 in 2025

Need five seasons of averaging 9-11 wins and UH is a hot commodity after that.

I think we are a hot commodity regardless, due to the bottom of the barrel P-5 schools we are already better than.